The Les Paul robot guitar

Calling all failed musicians-turned-entrepreneurs! The Les Paul Robot Guitar can finally help you rock out like you dreamed you could in your salad days.

US electric guitar manufacturer Gibson has brought us the Les Paul Robot Guitar, the world’s first guitar with robotic technology. Anyone who has owned a guitar will know the frustration of snapping brand new strings while trying to tune them by ear. The Robot Guitar will perfectly tune itself, turning all six pegs to the standard tuning simultaneously at the touch of a button, saving you valuable time, broken strings and trips to the music shop.

It also gives players access to six commonly used alternative tuning presets at the push of a button, allowing you to play hit songs that don’t follow the standard configuration.

Gibson points out that guitars that are not “perfectly” tuned don’t ring with the full spectrum of harmonics and sound out of tune on chords even when they are supposedly “tuned up”. The intonation function on the Robot Guitar guides the player through achieving perfect sound.

According to Gibson, the guitar ‘talks you through’ the entire process, resulting in a correctly tuned guitar in a fraction of the time it takes even a professional guitar tech to do the same job.

While it may not be for the purist, a limited run is now available from Gibson in Blue Silverburst nitrocellulose finish, priced at around £1,400.

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