Ten ways to de-stress your day

Finding ways to tackle the difficulties of work can be tough, here are our top ten ways to beat stress at work.

Starting and running a business can be one of the most challenging things to take on at any stage in your life. Stress is part of every day life but being able to recognise when it is starting to get too much for you and working to combat stress is crucial to the survival of your business.

Stress and pressure can be a useful motivator and can push you to new heights, but catching it before it overwhelms you is tricky and can seriously damage your health.

It can also have an adverse effect within the workplace on both your employees, the team around them and the wider business if left unmanaged.

Here are the top ten ways you can de-stress in the office and achieve your goals.

1. Look after your body

Get active

Looking after your body is a key entry point to improving your mindset. It is hard to find time and motivation to eat healthy and exercise, but getting active for even half an hour a day can be beneficial.

Endorphins released during work outs can train your mind to seek progress and achievement, transfer this skill to the workplace for results!

2. Positive thinking, positive progress

Think positive

A negative, pessimistic outlook on your current circumstance can drag you back and impact on your motivation and decision making skills. Take a step back when faced with a tough choice and weigh up the positives.

Hey, sometimes the glass really is half full.

3. Make sure you give yourself some time to relax

Find time for yourself

This is especially important at times of big change, such as starting a new job or taking on a new role and/or added responsibilities.

4. Concentrate on what you can personally change

Make some changes

If something is drastically out of your control, there isn’t much more you can do. Unfortunately, the best way to tackle this is to take on the things you can actually change, small progress is frustrating, but rewarding.

Maybe your employees are showing signs of stress from outside the office? Make little changes to the office to improve their day. Make them a cup of tea or let employees leave early once a week; little changes you can control make a big difference to your approach to the things out of your control.

5. List your lists

Tick off your achievements

Creating a task list of jobs that need doing can break down a seemingly impossible task into something manageable.

Ticking off your goals is a great morale boost and planning ahead of a big project can help you fully grasp the job at hand with an analytical mind.

6. Duvet days don’t pay

Don’t dwell in bed

We all know that getting out of bed in the morning can be a bit of a struggle. If something at work is causing you stress, don’t stay at home in bed and brew over it. Lethargy is the bane of productivity; sometimes it is better to run headlong into the day and overcome the problem rather than avoid it.

7. Analysis is key to tackle stress

Find out what the problem is

Self awareness is an excellent skill to wield when running a company, but self criticism can be the architect of your downfall. Find out what your problem is at work and think about how you would advice a friend; often the simplest answer to a friend is the hardest solution to find for yourself.

8. Educate yourself

Understand how things can affect you

Look at some of the great resources that can help you build resilience. There are many useful books and websites that offer tools for coping with stress.

9. Headspace

Learn to meditate

Its really important to take time out of your schedule to be mindful of yourself and think about your situation.

There are now a boat-load of apps that teach you breathing and meditation strategies to help calm you down in quick, short bursts. Headspace is an easy way to do that. It’s described as meditation, but their analogy of ‘a gym membership for your mind’ is probably more apt, since it doesn’t conjure images of beardy dudes in the lotus position. There are lots of programmes to choose from, but the free Take 10 one is the best place to start: it helps you learn techniques for relaxation and mindfulness in just ten minutes a day. Even you’ve got that much time.

10. Open up

Talking about your problems is crucial

Most importantly, if you’re having trouble at work, don’t bottle things up. It’s helpful to share your concerns, so speak to your manager or a supportive colleague. Even the biggest of problems can be tackled with a supportive friend at your side.

Owen Gough

Owen Gough

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