Employee Welfare

Human Resources

5 reasons incentive schemes fail

Richard Ellis of AVC Wise shares his thoughts on how to make your employee benefits scheme work for your business.

Human Resources

Fighting pandemic burnout: 4 tips for businesses and employees

Home workers have increased their number of working hours by up to 25% during the pandemic, with more than two thirds feeling burnt out

Human Resources

What should you include in an employment contract?

When you’re starting a business, employee contracts are probably the last thing on your mind. Drafting a well-written contract defangs problems down the line

Legislation and Regulation

Q&A: managing the impact of Covid-19 in line with UK employment law

Eynat Guez, founder and CEO of global payroll company Papaya Global, answers key questions around coronavirus and employment law


Why now is the time for small businesses to focus on team building

Johnny Edser of Wildgoose explains the increased importance of team building in your small business during the coronavirus pandemic


Mental health at work – 300,000 a year lose their job to illnesses

Up to 300,000 people with long-term mental health problems have to leave their jobs each year, a report says.

Human Resources

How mobile HR can help your business run successfully

For the fast moving entrepreneur, time can be tight. We take a look at how mobile HR can help you run your business.


6 top tips on how to manage your staff – avoiding common mistakes

For those of you who struggle to manage your staff, we have put together six top tips that are sure to boost team productivity.

Human Resources

10 ways to handle a workplace conflict

Conflicts can be inevitable in office environments, so when a heated argument does break out it’s important to resolve it quickly. Here are ten tips to help stop the issue.

Human Resources

Is the UK struggling with internal openness?

UK needs to focus more on policies to promote ‘internal openness’ when recruiting international talent in light of Brexit.


The rise of flexible working – Is it right for your business?

The capital boasts the fifth highest workstation rates of all key cities, largely due to increased demand within the city as large-scale projects take off.

Growth Planning

Does your business need a chief happiness officer?

What does a chief happiness officer do, and do businesses really need one? Robert Half UK's Matt Weston writes.