How mobile HR can help your business run successfully

For the fast moving entrepreneur, time can be tight. We take a look at how mobile HR can help you run your business.

The mobile trend is increasing with many people now using their mobile phones to access the internet for purchasing goods, using apps and even listening to music and reading books.

The latest figures, from comScore Mobile Metrix presented in the Ofcom Communications Market report, shows the total browse time per month is much higher on smartphones than on desktops both in the UK and the US.

Here is how going mobile with HR can help your business?

Mobile HR increases your investments

According to a post from automating your efficient HR processes you earn a lot of extra time and guarantee you a 30 per cent cost reduction, which can be used to focus on real HR issues instead of frustrating routine administrative tasks.
The mobile hr offered by Peoplehr makes it easy for companies to create employee databases and add their custom elements to add uniqueness as well as branding.

With PeopleHR you don’t need to purchase any additional hardware, software and data storage facilities. You can save the time of financial resources in comparison to implementing a traditional HRIS. Editing employee records is also faster and easier as well as finding files and discovering new data for your business.

Employees are more productive

The module allows all employees of an organisation to view their relevant information within the system and have more control over their HR tasks. They can also access their payslip and request holidays in real time.

Employers that offer flexible and personalised benefits are more likely to have incredibly engaged employees in their company. According to an article in Growth Business financially literate employees tend to be happier, productive contributors to the business.

Staff morale is so much better if they are given tasks such as managing budgets, planning ahead, and understanding profits and losses.

Giving employees access to these is more likely to know your business, their job, workload, and their salary better as well as feeling valued and trusted.

Hiring new employees is easier with mobile HR

Research shows that job applications are likely to come through from mobile devices than any other device. Employers receive hundreds of applications for available positions, but intense competition makes it difficult to find high-quality candidates who will also be good culture fits.

When recruiting with mobile HR, the module consists of a three stage life cycle that automates the entire recruitment process, both internal and external. The module facilitates the creation of interview panels, selection of recruitment steps, short listing, scheduling interviews and recording all comments during interviews.

When you are recruiting new applicants’ managers can request a new vacancy, and hr can approve or decline this at a click of a button. Every customer receives a free job board with Peoplehr, so you can advertise on your free job board or incorporate a job board on your company website.

The process is much easier with mobile HR because your team can customise the template and categorise applicants into sections, for example, invite to the first interview, talent pool or reject.

The app also helps track the progress of new starters including their inductions, which usually includes training and health and safety checks, their probation check reviews, their references, check that their contract has been signed and dated and any right to work documents are all correct.

Keeping everything in one place will make your workplace run much more smoothly as you can track projects, holidays, absences, invoices, payslips, staff development and training and lots more. This process is so much better than having lots of paper in files scattered across the office, and it’s also cheaper to invest in a HR app.

Is your business using or thinking about investing in a mobile HR app? Let us know your thoughts?

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Owen Gough

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