How to be successful: “Morning routines matter!”, warns expert

Everyone has a morning routine which sets them up for the rest of the day, and Bathstore’s research has revealed that early risers that have an organised and productive morning routine are much more likely to be successful in business.

“Morning routines matter!” A good morning can set you up for a good day, but what makes a good morning routine? From hydrating first thing, to checking emails and electronic devices, bathstore have teamed up with business and life coach, Ruth Kudzi, to analyse the morning routines of four successful people, how it contributes to their accomplishments, and tips to make your 2018 more successful.

Sleep and morning habits play a big part in our mental and physical wellbeing, so perfecting your own routine can do wonders for productivity throughout the day. Trends in mindfulness and health show that we are a nation that is increasingly looking to improve our lives and be more conscious, so a few simple changes when you wake up could be what is needed to start improving your life.

…but what advice actually works? We’ve asked four highly successful people from a celebrity makeup artist to business owners to share their secrets.

Dr. James Gupta – Founder and CEO of Synap

Top Tip: “Finish work at an interesting part for that extra incentive in the morning”

James confesses to being more of a night owl, saying that he would go to sleep at 3am if he had the choice. This means his routine in the evening is crucial to free up his morning and make sure he starts the day right. His top tip is to finish work in the evening at an interesting point, this gives an extra incentive to shoot out of bed in the morning.

Gina Clarke – Freelance journalist, PR, and busy mum

Tip: Stick to a strict routine

Gina has a lot to fit into the morning, getting herself and the family ready on time to start school and work by 9am. She suggests sticking to a strict routine is key to stay productive as it can be easy to get distracted by dirty pots on the side, keeping work and family time separate it key! That’s why she has the kids up and out of the door in under an hour.

Emily Cohen – Yoga teacher, PT, and health consultant

Tip: move well and eat well

“Move well and eat well” are words Emily lives by. She stays active throughout the morning wherever she can, whether that’s stretches in the shower or cycling to meet her first clients. She always has a glass of water before starting her day to stay hydrated and has found a breakfast routine that works for her schedule, keeping her energy levels high throughout the rest of the day.Bathstore-Morning-Routine-Emily

Luke Henderson – International celebrity make-up artist

Top tip: take owner ship to avoid mental fatigue

Luke puts his success down to constantly focus and drive and that includes his morning routine too. When he’s not on a super early start for work, he looks to complete household chores, exercise and even squeeze in some relaxation time. He takes ownership of things that need to be done to avoid mental fatigue later in the day.

Business coach, Ruth Kudzi says, “The great thing about these routines is that they are all different, and it is obvious that everyone has refined what they do so they get the most out of their mornings and start the day on a positive note. It is not surprising they are all successful as they are consistent in their routines.”

Morning routine dos and don’ts

  • Do – drink a glass of water first thing in the morning to rehydrate
  • Don’t – snooze your alarm
  • Do – get into the habit of planning out your day or try reading a book, even for a short while
  • Don’t – use electronic devices or emails until you are fully awake
  • Do – keep your bedroom for sleeping, remove any technology or unnecessary distractions
  • Don’t – procrastinate, focus on the most important tasks first so you get these done
  • Do – exercise early in the day is great for you both mentally and physically
  • Don’t – underestimate bathroom time, freshen up and meditate

Gary Favell, bathstore CEO, said,“Morning routine matter and the bathroom plays an important yet understated role in the nation’s morning routines. Aside from the obvious, it’s a great place to gather your thoughts and spend a quiet moment contemplating the day ahead.

“Whether you’re washing away feelings of tiredness or rehearsing an important conversation in the mirror, its these little moments that can really set you up for a day of satisfaction and success.”

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