Rising Star: Adam Price

Adam Price is the MD of Wales-based outfit SEOsitebuilder.com, which he established in 2004. He recently won Newport Business School’s Entrepreneur of the Year Award.

What made you start the company?
Back in 2000, I worked with a US company that specialised in search engine optimisation (SEO). I listened and learnt, realising it would be the future for online development and thankfully I was right.

How do web operators stand out?

The reputation of web designers is down there with double-glazing salesmen. The whole industry needs an independent regulator to gain credibility. In the meantime, it’s a case of winning awards and building relationships with customers.

Was there a breakthrough moment?
We did bespoke work for companies as web designers. I saw a pattern in
the problems and decided that a product to solve these issues could be the answer, then specialised in various sectors, such as tourism, travel and so on.

Describe your management style.

What I do tell my staff is to make sure they finish what they’re doing; it can be easy to get distracted by other tasks and then the important jobs don’t get done.

Where is the business heading?

During the past year we’ve been writing software for four new products. Now comes the exciting part: selling it. We’re already close to sealing a deal with a major high-street operator.


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