Revamp your business’s LinkedIn offering with these simple steps

While the majority of businesses are on LinkedIn, often their pages are tired and not engaging: so here's how to make sure your area can add real value.

Social media is continuously expanding and by now; most are familiar with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and Instagram, having connected their business through at least one of these platforms. LinkedIn tends to be the network that is commonly used for job purposes and has many benefits that will enhance businesses’ interactivity.

LinkedIn has become well known for its creditability and helping businesses to establish a presence within the social media sector. With more than 380 million members, it has become the most poplar platform for business professionals.  Many businesses use LinkedIn to connect with customers and prospects, however are still unsure how to use it to its best potential.

Here are 5 tips for using LinkedIn for your business:

Promote your blog and products

Promoting your blog and products allows your connections to see your expertise and get to know more about you as part of developing their relationship with you. LinkedIn allows you to include relevant links to your blog and products in your bio and also allows you to leave descriptions about them.

Create a LinkedIn group

A LinkedIn group is where people are able to engage and connect about a particular common niche. An advantage of creating a LinkedIn group is that you are able to make announcements that get sent to everyone’s inbox, for example a promotional product discount. It also allows you to be seen as an industry expert leading the discussion.

However, a LinkedIn group is also a responsibility. Constant engagement is required in order to respond to the group discussions quickly otherwise your groups will slowly deteriorate.

Post company status updates

Involve and inform your connections. Posting regular company status updates will show your connections what your company is going to do next and will keep them in the loop making them feel individually connected to your business. 

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It may also spark opportunities and ideas to for them to get in touch,, helping to increase sales and subscribers.

When posting a status update, keep it related to your topic. LinkedIn is a network for people to learn about what niche you’re involved in, not for people to know what you had breakfast that morning.

Engage with LinkedIn Careers

LinkedIn offers a career section where you are able to promote available job openings. They also offer silver and gold career packages, which you can purchase that allow you to add in a call-to-action tool. It’s a great way to engage with future employees, as LinkedIn provides endless opportunities to connect, engage and communicate.

Make sure your profile is known to your audience

Although a lot of companies have a LinkedIn page for their business, they don’t have a large amount of interactivity. This is simply due to people not knowing that their page exists! Add the company follow button to your website, also considering adding to your blog posts, emails and landing pages.

Here are things to avoid when using LinkedIn for your business

Using the default “join my network” message

When using LinkedIn to connect with potential clients, customers or employees you need to show them that you took your time when contacting them. They need to be aware that you took time in understanding what they are about by writing a personal message that best suits them.

Some people can simply report random requests from businesses by reporting spam or select the ‘I don’t know this person’ tool, if they feel violated by spammy direct messages. If this happens a few times, LinkedIn can merely restrict your profile, so be sure to put thought and effort into contacting people via LinkedIn.


When a LinkedIn account is set up purely to promote a business, there is no room for self-promotion. Most discussions or links you post should offer value beyond self-promotion, as people have connected to see behind your business, not to see what you have to offer.

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If you wish to promote yourself, then you can always set up a LinkedIn account purely based around your own academic background and your own current skills. This will build up recognition around what you have to offer, not your business.


Always avoid negativity within group discussions and critical/negative comments on posts. People do not like to involve themselves with negativity on any social media site, especially LinkedIn where you’re trying to promote business. If you feel the need to critically comment on something, try to reverse what you’re trying to say, offering a solution to the problem that you’re facing.

Another option is that if you come across negativity around your industry, try posting resourceful links to an article or a blog post that will add value and create positive energy on the topic.

LinkedIn is a great tool for businesses to involve themselves in. LinkedIn has built itself to be a simple tool that everyone can engage and relate to when it comes to understanding the rise of business interactivity online. Just remember the things to do/avoid and LinkedIn will help your business thrive.

Stay connected!

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