Highest-paid CEOs on AIM

Which AIM-quoted companies pay their CEOs the most? GrowthBusiness reveals the top ten.

The following list shows the AIM-quoted companies which pay the most to their CEOs.

Company CEO pay (£) As % of mkt cap
RCG Holdings 3,796,683 2.07%
Conygar Investment 2,871,000 2.16%
Datatec 1,701,201 0.34%
Gulf Keystone Petroleum 1,675,578 0.32%
Prosperity Minerals 1,275,047 0.72%
ImmuPharma 1,268,254 1.85%
Orchid Developments 1,156,942 3.72%
City of London Investment 1,155,146 1.53%
Cape 1,136,000 0.40%
Gasol (including termination pay) 1,134,421 5.41%

Source: Directors’ Pay on AIM report, Growth Company Investor/Deloitte

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Nick Britton

Nick Britton

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