Three top business advice tips from company founders and CEOs for 2019

Creating a profitable company that can withstand the test of time is a challenge: here are three recommendations offered by those who know what it takes to build a grow a budding business: company founders and CEOs.


Here’s where CEOs and VCs get their business news from

We speak to a range of company founders and VCs on where they get their business news from and why they choose particular outlets.

Growth Planning

Growth Business owner Q&A – Alan Inskip, CEO of Tempcover

In the first of a series in which Growth Business figures answer questions on their businesses success to date, Alan Inskip (pictured), Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of temporary insurance provider Tempcover discusses how the business came about


Interview: Craig Foster, CEO of HomeServe Labs

The CEO of HomeServe Labs on the importance of company's keeping agile in a highly competitive environment.

Growth Planning

What CEO do you need for each stage of your company’s growth?

Here, Phil Peters, partner of digital practice at Savannah Group, explores the idea of changing CEOs during your company's growth.

Human Resources

Is your CEO irreplaceable?

CEO salaries are higher than ever. But new research from the Stanford Graduate School of Business finds that identifying the right person for the top job is also harder than ever, despite the attractive compensation on offer. David Larcker, a professor of accounting at the School who led the research, explains why.


7 start up funding tips from a teenage CEO

George Davis, the 19-year-old CEO of The SenLab Group, gives his top tips to secure funding for your start up.

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RESEARCH: How to be a CEO in three steps

For those who'd like to be CEO, turns out the most traditional route is best. This according to research into leadership routes from a B-school.


How a break-in changed Oncam CEO Firas Bashee’s life for the better

Firas Bashee speaks to GrowthBusiness about setting up Oncam and what lies ahead for the security tech business.


4 things every CEO needs to focus on daily to grow

Being the CEO of a company can be hard as your time is split among the different parts of the business. Here are four things you should focus on daily to see growth.

Human Resources

Will publishing CEO-employee pay ratios change anything?

The government’s reforms concerning the ratio of CEO pay to average employee earnings are "unlikely to change very much" says Warwick Business School expert.


Who are the highest ranked CEOs in the UK?

Where would you rank? Glassdoor releases its highest ranked CEOs study, showing which leaders are appreciated by their staff the most.