Eight ways to crush your career blues

Some top tips on how to boost motivation at work throughout the year and crush the career blues.

The bluest Monday of the year came and went on 15 January and according to recent reports by Instant Offices. Britons seem to be positive about their overall career and professional goals so far – with a pay rise and promotion being the second most popular New Year’s resolution after travelling more. But, with more employees looking to climb the career ladder, will this sunny view on work continue throughout the year?

Here are some tips on how to boost your motivation at work throughout the year:

1. Ask for a raise

A lack of a raise is the most popular reason employees leave their jobs, so, if you’re committed to your job but need more to keep you motivated, it could be time to ask for a raise. Ensure you don’t turn the conversation into an ultimatum – if you’re happy with your career but not the pay, make sure you communicate that clearly.

2. Find a mentor

Boost your career by finding a senior staff member willing to share their insights and experience. In addition to guiding you on career growth and decision making, their constructive feedback can help you expand your skill set. Fortune 500 companies understand the value of mentorship – 71 per cent offer formal mentoring programs to their employees.

3. Get involved in teamwork

Whether a challenging project for a new client or an internal task with coworkers, collaboration and teamwork can help strengthen relationships, create a more positive work environment and increase confidence.

4. Avoid boredom

Studies have shown that boredom at work is a significant source of stress, and can even lead to depression. Ensure you take regular breaks during long tasks, and during downtime keep your mind busy by creating a list of personal and work goals, or by learning about an unfamiliar aspect of the business.

5. Up-skill yourself

Increase your value at work by learning a new skill. Research from the World Economic Forum shows that more than a third (35 per cent) of skills that are considered important today will change in five years.

6. Use your vacation days

You may want to save time off for a holiday later in the year or to increase your chances for a promotion, but taking a holiday is better for your personal health and will leave you more relaxed, productive and satisfied. According to Rise People, 78 per cent of HR directors find that team members who take more holidays report higher job satisfaction.

7. Value your mental health

According to the CIPD, 23 per cent of British workers feel their organisation doesn’t take employee wellbeing seriously, yet more than a third of the UK workforce experience anxiety, depression, or stress. With this in mind, it is imperative to recognise the signs that your mental health may be under pressure and to ensure you de-stress regularly.

8. Step out of the office

No more lunch at your desk. It’s not natural to stay seated for eight hours a day – so it’s no surprise that being active during lunch will leave you more calm, alert, and happy. Reducing the amount of time you stay seated can do wonders for your productivity and physical health too.

Take charge of your happiness and be proactive by contributing to a work environment that sees you excel rather than be demotivated in the year to come.

Owen Gough

Fred Morissette

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