How 13 UK billionaires rose to the top without a degree

New research reveals 13 of the wealthiest Britons actually skipped higher education after leaving school. Here's how they made it.

A new rich list ranking the wealthiest Brits reveals 13 billionaires who did not go on to higher education at university, collectively holding a fortune of £45.5 billion.

The list is headed by real estate and metals moguls David and Simon Reuben, who hold a net worth of £12 billion, and are the second highest ranking Britons on the entire Forbes rich list behind the Hinduja family.

Also included are well-known celebrity entrepreneurs Virgin Group’s Sir Richard Branson (£3.9 billion), and Bernie Ecclestone, former chief executive of the Formula One Group.

Commissioned by Informi ahead of this year’s release of A-Level results in England and Wales on Thursday, the combined net worth of the top five names alone is around £28 billion.

“For those students nervously awaiting their A-Level results this week, and those who will be receiving their GCSE results the week after, this list demonstrates that some of the UK’s most successful and inspiring business individuals have gained financial success without having gone down the university route first,” Darren Nicholls, product manager for Informi, said.

“There’s no doubt that higher education can help many people into their career of choice. But equally, if you have a great business idea, you may be able to achieve your dreams and aspirations with the help and support of those around you, and by finding the best sources of expert advice to help you on your way.”

The 13 UK billionaires

How they made their millions

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Praseeda Nair

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