Why interactive prototyping provides a better development journey

Jake Davis, design director at Pocket App, shares some ways interactive prototypes can help your application initiative.

In user interface (UI) design the user experience encompasses the usability, effectiveness and value that a site can provide its visitors. The rapid adoption of smartphones, tablets and computers to interact with one’s business 24/7 has transformed the web and relevant apps into a responsive and dynamic platform for collaboration. Creating an interactive prototype that demonstrates functionality of an application in development can positively impact final design as well as the overall project.

Here are some ways interactive prototypes can help your application initiative.

Helping reduce overall development time

Recoding an application during the development phase can take a great deal more time and effort and significantly impact the development schedule. In addition, recoding an app due to post production usability issues can be costly. Making multiple changes to a prototype is much simpler and provides timely user feedback.

Allowing users to provide valuable feedback within the proper context

By using an interactive prototype, data within the context of the entire application demonstrates scenarios in a form that users can understand. Since users see the appearance of a working application their feedback will be almost as valuable as having the fully-functional application.

Acting as a useful reference tool for developers

Prototypes can be used to illustrate functionality in a way that screen specifications cannot. For example, if developers need to understand how a specific widget or control is intended to work, they can use the prototype to answer functionality questions.

Creating excitement within the organisation

Prototypes can also be used as a powerful tool to communicate positive progress and reveal the next tangible step towards producing the application, creating excitement within the organisation.

Real world testing

Most beneficial factor of interactive prototyping is the ability to test on the target device with the actual working settings. Just as a test drive is beneficial to a customer when buying a new car. Allowing the developer to test the UI on the device in real world settings will ensure they have better feedback to what works and what can be improved.

It is undoubted that UI/UX design is an important aspect of making a website or application work. Creating and improving products based on interactive prototypes outlines many benefits for companies and improves the processes for designers. At Pocket App, we believe before you start any development, putting together an interactive prototype will provide significant benefits. Providing quickness, more cost efficient and you can learn a lot by putting something tap able ready.

Jake Davis is the design director at Pocket App.

Praseeda Nair

Kellen Rempel

Praseeda was Editor for GrowthBusiness.co.uk from 2016 to 2018.

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