Human Resources

5 ways to prevent your employees from burning out

Employee burnout is one of the leading causes of workplace absences. You can help to prevent employee burnout by following these five steps


UK sports clubs set for fifth straight year of growth

494 new sport clubs and gyms have opened in the UK since 2012 as boxing and wrestling drives growth.

Human Resources

Five perks to boost employee wellness, productivity and your business

A working environment where employees are disengaged, unproductive or absent due to sickness, is detrimental to any business. So, here’s Matt Jones from Oxbridge Home Learning with five perks businesses should incorporate to improve employee wellness, organisational performance and productivity.


Wellbeing and productivity: Can employees design their jobs better than the boss?

New research shows why organisations often fail to improve staff wellbeing, and what can be done to build a comprehensive strategy.

PR and Marketing Strategy

Healthy business

Promoting health at work can have huge benefits both for staff and companies looking to save money. Here entrepreneurs tell us how they have created a culture of wellbeing.