What is corporation tax?

What is corporation tax, what are corporation tax rates and how can you reduce your corporation tax bill? Metric Accountants has the answers


City grandees call for small business Covid debt to be turned into tax owing

Government should convert £35bn worth COVID-19 debt gone bad into tax owing to save nearly 800,000 SMEs from going under, say 200 financial experts


Taxman raises extra £4bn through VAT investigations into underpaying SMEs

VAT probes account for 50% of all money raised through SME investigations

Growth Planning

Careful structuring key to international joint venture success

Research shows that joint ventures grow at twice the rate of mergers and acquisitions – here's how to set one up.

Financial Management

How can I reduce my company tax bill?

Here, we examine the ways firms can keep a lean tax bill like Amazon do.

Financial Management

Interview: James Finnegan, head of corporate finance and partner at Bishop Fleming

Fast-growing businesses normally need to restructure management and understand available R&D credits when scaling up.

Financial Management

The five countries in Europe with the lowest corporation tax

For businesses looking to expand out into the European market after 2016;s EU Referendum, it can be hard to choose where to go. We take a look at the five countries with the lowest corporation tax in Europe.

Legislation and Regulation

What your business can do with a tax rebate

Here, we take a look at how businesses can use a potential tax rebate to their own advantage in 2018.

Legislation and Regulation

5 tax changes you need to know about

Here, Richard Stonier, partner at cloud-based accountancy software Tally Accounts, explains the five major tax changes you should expect and how to prepare for them.

Alternative Finance for Business

Help! I got a tax bill

Funding Options CEO Conrad Ford outlines what to do if you receive a tax bill

Financial Management

11 end of tax year secrets you should know

From accountancy software to time management tips, here are the top accountancy lessons from business owners from the last tax year, as compiled by chartered accountants at Alexander & Co.


How will the promised 17% corporation tax rate affect the UK

From 2020 the corporation tax rate in the UK will be 17% which means a genuine tax cut for businesses.|From 2020 the corporation tax rate in the UK will be 17% which means a genuine tax cut for businesses.