Alternative Finance for Business

Valloop raising £250m to help employees buy their own companies

Socially conscious fund wants to help 250 business owners exit by selling their companies to their employees


On-demand staff platform Catapult raises £4.3m in fresh funding

Three-year-old company fills part-time hospitality and catering roles.

Growth Planning

How do SMEs take the leap and scale with sales?

Having a replicable sales process is essential if you want to scale, says The Apprentice's Elizabeth McKenna.


Why employees resist sharing new ideas with teams

New academic research shows that employees aren't working in teams as much as they could be.

Growth Planning

Increasing business growth: Seven key considerations

Here, Stuart Hatcher, partner in the corporate team at PwC explains the key considerations when you plan to grow your business.

Human Resources

Five ways to improve staff retention as a high growth business

Andy Scott, chairman of REL Capital on how growing firms can train and retain their best staff.

Human Resources

How simple staff mistakes can harm your business

In this article we outline a few of the most common waiter mistakes and how they can be avoided.

Human Resources

How to keep staff engaged and loyal to your business

JourneyHR's Aliya Vigor-Robertson highlights how to keep your employees engaged and loyal to your business.

Human Resources

Women over 70: what should employers consider?

The proportion of women working into their 70s has doubled in the last four years, according to official figures. Peninsula head of advisory Kate Palmer outlines how employers can support older workers.


Thank goodness it’s Monday: three psychological hacks to boost staff morale

Here's how you can encourage your employees to love your business like their own

Human Resources

This is why you’re losing your best staff

This infographic outlines nine ways you can avoid a high staff turnover, making sure you keep your best employees for the long haul

Human Resources

Working smart: Five ways to keep your staff loyal

Staff turnover can be a real problem for SMEs if it gets out of hand: so here are five ways to ensure your staff stick around for at least a little longer.