Growth Planning

Build Back Better #2 – replacing friends and family with external investors

A business often looks to bring in an external investor when friends and family shareholders want to cash out. But outside finance can bring so much more, says Ian Dawson

Exit Strategies

What is a drag along covenant?

This increasingly common clause in shareholder agreements can have a huge effect on majority and minority shareholders' fortunes.

Alternative Finance for Business

The democratising of investment – Why Mr & Mrs Smith’s Crowdcube raise is clever

The boutique hotel brand has successfully raised £6.2 million and boosted its brand profile in the process.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Acquiring a business: The key factors to consider

We speak to business owners, managers and lawyers who tell GrowthBusiness what it's like to acquire a company and how to do it effectively.

Financial Management

Why you need a shareholders agreement when starting a company

Writing a shareholders' agreement may save you time, money and stress in the long term, says Catherine Feechan, a partner in the corporate department at law firm Brodies.


The whys and hows of shareholder protection

Do you know what would happen to your business should you or another shareholder pass away unexpectedly? It’s not a conversation that any of us would choose to have, but at times, it’s a necessary one. Richard Kateley, head of intermediary development at Legal & General explains.


Sports Direct's leadership crisis – how shareholders can protect themselves

The recent troubles at Sports Direct threw up a number of pressing questions: Here Brian Palmer looks at one, namely how can shareholders protect their interests against malpractice at the top?

Financial Management

When shareholders revolt – Disarming the rebels

They are the investors who bankroll public companies, but what happens when shareholders rebel? We report on what causes revolts, how to pre-empt them, and what to do if you are faced with trouble from within.

Exit Strategies

Dealing with unhappy shareholders

Spurious allegations of ‘boardroom bullying’ from minority shareholders seeking a payout are on the increase.

Financial Management

Shareholder revolts on the up

Shareholder activism is on the march, provoked by bad corporate stewardship, the inevitable disappointments of business in a downturn, changes in the law and a new breed of opportunistic investor. GrowthBusiness investigates.


Mitchell Tonks: Respect your shareholders

Mitchell Tonks has proved seafood restaurants do make money - Fishworks, the OFEX-listed (Now PLUS Markets) restaurant chain he founded in 1994, turned in its first annual profit this year. With five sites now up and running, Tonks has plans for another 15 establishments.

Company Flotations

Shareholders Disputes – When shareholders go to war

Shareholder disputes can waste executive time, squander scarce cash resources and leave your business rudderless. If you are really unlucky, they can put you out of a job.