Human Resources

The one strategy that businesses need to retain top talent

What boosts workplace happiness and retains top talent: recognition or big fat bonuses?

Human Resources

Why cash is no longer key to retaining employees

Cash may no longer be king when it comes to recruiting and retaining your key employees says Genevieve Moore, a tax partner at Blick Rothenberg. 

Human Resources

Infographic: What are the benefits of paying a living wage?

North-West web design company Nublue hava recently won living wage accreditation: here they talk about their journey and put together an infographic on the benefits for any company looking to do so.

Human Resources

How to recruit, reward and retain your best staff: Top tips for SMEs on employee share schemes

As competition for talent intensifies even further: can employee share schemes make the difference for small businesses?

Human Resources

Remuneration packages and share schemes

Structuring the right remuneration package for senior personnel is one of the trickiest tasks a business chief must tackle. Give too much up front and you won’t incentivise performance, but pay out big bonuses and you risk reducing the company’s liquidity, which could even threaten its existence. Then there are all the variables of share schemes to consider.