PR and Marketing Strategy

Stay competitive on Amazon with the right re-pricing system

At first glance, a pricing system might seem very simple – even young children understand that it’s all about profit, and that the easiest way to accomplish this is to calculate your costs, put your price per unit higher, and sell as much as possible. Pricing in the real world, however, gets a lot more complicated than that; there are many more factors to consider.


Is Uber’s ‘surge’ pricing genuine? Study says drivers may be gaming the system

Research from Warwick Business School reveals that Uber drivers may be gaming the system and even going offline en masse to force ‘surge’ pricing, a problem that stems from lack of transparency and human connection at Uber.

PR and Marketing Strategy

Is the price right? More science than you think

‘Price is what you pay. Value is what you get.’ - Predictably wise words from the Sage of Omaha himself.


The art of pricing

In the 1980s, my old company, Sage, produced its first accounts package on the Amstrad.

PR and Marketing Strategy

Naming your price

Setting the right price is crucial, but using it to win business often demands a subtle touch. Three company directors explain how they use pricing in sales negotiations.

Growth Planning

The art of pricing strategy – Pitching your price

Nothing is more crucial than pricing strategy. Over-price and you will bleed customers. Under-price and you'll rack up losses. The key to getting it right is knowing the value of your product and your clients.