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The surprising potential of serviced offices for growing your business

They may seem the playground of start-ups or the roaming ground of the lone wolf entrepreneur, but if used strategically, serviced offices can offer great utility for expanding businesses, says i2 Office marketing associate Dan Millington.


5 models for the start-up office of the future – how the office will change

Five years from now, how will we look back at 2020? Will we have grasped the opportunities that lie before us? David Mott questions the idea of the office and examines new models emerging in the start-up community

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London cements its position as the global fintech hub

London has the most fintech headquarters of any city, according to research, but average deal size lags behind San Francisco.


How reducing your carbon footprint can increase business productivity

Coupling new ways of working with the latest technology reduces your carbon footprint while increasing productivity and your bottom line

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Stay ahead of the curve: what are the 2018 office design trends?

Simon Clark, office interior specialist at Irongate Group, asks designers and trendsetters on what designs will prevail in 2018.


Entrepreneur interview: Giles Fuchs, CEO of Office Space in Town

Giles Fuchs, CEO of Office Space in Town on how the company is keeping ahead of competitors.


The best-looking offices in the UK

Office layouts that encourage collaboration are important for employees.


The desk-less revolution – Considering the workplace of the future

From innovative apps to augmented reality, Nick Thompson, managing director, DCSL Software, considers the the potential for desk-less offices in the workplace of the future.

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Moving your home business into office premises: 14 things to consider

Commercial property solicitor, Lisa Evans outlines 14 key things to think about when you’re planning a commercial move.

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London’s 10 most iconic office spaces

If you’re an entrepreneur looking to launch your business from an iconic location in the capital it could cost you less than £1,000 a month.

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The co-working conundrum: Can a shared office benefit you?

Finding the right work environment for entrepreneurs can be an expensive and lonely journey. How can co-working help you out?


Does the design of your office really matter?

Is the design of your office really that big of a deal? Find out how changing the design of your workspace can benefit your business.