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Ideation – how to nurture a habit for the new in your business

Ed White on the value and economic impact of ideation, and how embracing innovation can propel start-ups and smaller businesses to long-term success.


Why employees resist sharing new ideas with teams

New academic research shows that employees aren't working in teams as much as they could be.


Why robust products that work will win against flashy tech

Tilman Eberle, VP of marketing at Doodle, discusses why performance and reliability usually trumps bells and whistles when it comes to innovation.

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Business collaboration: Why your company should work with start-ups

Larger businesses are learning new tricks from innovative smaller players. Here, we look into how to approach collaboration.

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Innovation in a business: Is it getting harder or easier to innovate?

Innovation in a business should be built into everyday processes – but is it getting easier or harder to pull off successful innovation today?

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How your company could be missing out on innovation

An international study suggests that most organisations are struggling to take full advantage of the opportunities offered by innovation, as we discover in this piece.

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Are innovation labs the solution for corporate innovation?

In this piece, we explore why companies need to improve the processes they have in place in order to manage innovation.

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Successful innovation: How businesses can achieve it more effectively

Here, GrowthBusiness.co.uk speaks to corporate innovation expert, award-winning author and Forbes columnist Tendayi Viki about why successful innovation requires more than just deep pockets.

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New innovations launched to help businesses drive growth

From the SuiteWorld annual show in Las Vegas, GrowthBusiness.co.uk looks at the new initiatives from NetSuite designed to assist scale-ups in their growth mission.

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Change: the greatest contradiction?

EP Innovates' Chris Sheppardson makes the business case for supporting change and business reinvention.


Is Sir James Dyson Elon Musk’s biggest rival yet in the Electric Revolution?

James Dyson versus Elon Musk: are these the two biggest rivals in the electric revolution?


Hackathons and innovation: Why businesses need a start-up mindset

Rocket Software's George Smyth on how hackathons can take your company to the next level by fuelling innovation and competition.