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Five micro-influencers that could boost your business

Generation Z relates to online influencers more so than traditional celebrities. Here's five of the best technology micro-influencers for your tech brand to work with

PR and Marketing Strategy

Genflow Ventures to invest in 10-15 influencer start-ups this year

Venture capital arm of social media agency turns traditional VC model on its head, creating businesses for influencers with millions of potential customers


Influencer platform raises £3 million in Series B funding

London-based influencer company aims to head into US market and develop platform further.

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How to find the right influencer for your e-commerce brand

Working with smaller, more targeted influencers could be better value for your brand in the long-run.

PR and Marketing Strategy

Influencer product marketing just got streamlined

Content is still king in online marketing, but the Internet is experiencing a period of content overload. Quality and authenticity stand out now more than ever.

PR and Marketing Strategy

Should influencer marketing be part of your game plan?

CLO PR's Claudia Moselhi explains when and how to bring influencers into your marketing plans.

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Mancunian social media marketing agency speaks ‘Millennialese’, raises $2m

Social Chain will take its approach towards influencer marketing to Germany this spring.