Human Resources

5 reasons incentive schemes fail

Richard Ellis of AVC Wise shares his thoughts on how to make your employee benefits scheme work for your business.

Human Resources

The rise of the AI recruiter in HR

Artificial intelligence can help accelerate job recruitment and handle clerical work for onboarding staff. How can you convince your organisation that it needs AI when it comes to HR?

Human Resources

Q&A: company restructuring – how to interview staff

Is there a set format we should follow when we interview all of our staff pending a restructure?


Deals of the Week, January 8 to 15 – Growth Business roundup

Growth Business roundup of Deals of the Week, January 8 to 15, listing seed funding, venture capital and crowdfunding deals of note

Human Resources

What should you include in an employment contract?

When you’re starting a business, employee contracts are probably the last thing on your mind. Drafting a well-written contract defangs problems down the line

Human Resources

7 of the best HR consultancy companies in the UK

Want to outsource your HR but don't know who to go to? We've got a round-up of some of the best HR consultancy companies in the UK

Human Resources

4 tech steps you can take to make your HR more human

Melinda Davila of AbacusNext discusses how technology can help HR professionals to engage with their workforces on a human level

Human Resources

Outsourcing your business HR: when to do it, the benefits and the pitfalls

There are powerful cost-saving arguments for outsourcing human resources, but when is the right time to do it?

Human Resources

HR jargon buster: what’s the difference between FMS, VMS and RPO?

HR software terms can be confusing. Know your MSP from your FMS? How about your RPO? Xenios Thrasyvoulou explains the glossary of today’s HR software systems

Human Resources

Five trends in HR to be aware of in 2020 – what you should know

If 2019 was all about focusing on the customer, then 2020 will be about paying attention to the needs of employees, says Geoffroy de Lestrange

Growth Planning

Businesses need to understand staff better to solve productivity puzzle

One third of large businesses spend less than £10,000 a year on understanding what their employees actually do - and how to set targets to improve productivity

Growth Planning

Three things I’ve learned managing my own business

Dez Derry, CEO of Manchester-based digital agency Mmadigital, boils down what he’s learned to three things – location, finding the right team and keeping staff motivated