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The rise of the AI recruiter in HR

Artificial intelligence can help accelerate job recruitment and handle clerical work for onboarding staff. How can you convince your organisation that it needs AI when it comes to HR?


Deals of the Week Nov 21 to Nov 25 – a Growth Business round-up

Deals this week include sustainable milk delivery and an app that tells last-minute diners where a table is available

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5 ways implementing HR software can help streamline your business

From improved efficiency to enhanced scalability, learn how you can gain an advantage over your rivals with HR software

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How automated rota software tracks employee productivity

Rota software is increasingly popular with business owners looking to reduce costs and boost employee productivity.

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HR jargon buster: what’s the difference between FMS, VMS and RPO?

HR software terms can be confusing. Know your MSP from your FMS? How about your RPO? Xenios Thrasyvoulou explains the glossary of today’s HR software systems

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Five trends in HR to be aware of in 2020 – what you should know

If 2019 was all about focusing on the customer, then 2020 will be about paying attention to the needs of employees, says Geoffroy de Lestrange

Growth Planning

Businesses need to understand staff better to solve productivity puzzle

One third of large businesses spend less than £10,000 a year on understanding what their employees actually do - and how to set targets to improve productivity

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7 ways SMBs benefit from using HR software

You don't need to hire a whole human resources team for your small business – here's how HR software could benefit your company.

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How to ensure that your HR software implementation is a success

Are you thinking of rolling out new HR software in your workplace?

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Picking the right HRM software for a growing business

Growth is one of the core objectives of most businesses, and it falls upon every function to assist the company in pursuit of this goal. The challenges faced by growing businesses relate to scaling a firm – from employee development to cash flow issues to retaining top talent.

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Relieving the HR burden

With a barrage of recent changes to employee legislation, from maternity rights to age discrimination, employers could be forgiven for feeling a bit swamped by HR issues.


Northern and HSBC back KCS

South London HR solutions business KCS Management Systems (KCS) has become the subject of a secondary buyout financed by Northern Venture Managers (NVM) and HSBC.