Financial Management


Gatehouse Bank launches new commercial property finance products

Bank says it has seen increased demand for finance under £2 million over the last 12 months amongst its clients.

Alternative Finance for Business

Before debt takes its toll: Four reasons for debt consolidation

Simple debt consolidation could be all you need to provide that extra bit of breathing room. Here, we look into the topic.

Growth Planning

There’s more to choosing an investor than financial results

Cultural relationships are the foundation of success, says Hall Morrice Corporate Finance's Tom Faichnie.

Financial Management

Maverick finances: How to make your company more financially agile

Do you sometimes feel that finances are dragging your business down? Learn how to boost your company into the future to gain financial agility.

Financial Management

The 4 fundamentals of financial management

Opus Energy outlines the four fundamentals of financial management, from bookkeeping to keeping tabs on your cash flow.


SME owners plan to pay themselves dividend ahead of tax hikes

Payments deemed necessary for business owners to avoid a sharp jump in their personal tax bills next year.

Growth Planning

Hiring a part-time financial director – A good idea?

Hiring a part-time financial director (FD), and thereby effectively outsourcing the function, may not seem like the best or most prudent of ideas for a business owner.


Games companies play

Public companies play a number of ‘games’ in order to improve their balance sheet in time for the year-end, claims research from consulting firm REL. The bad news is that these improvements are short-lived, with companies wiping them away by the first quarter of the new year.

Growth Planning

Driving value with a recurring revenue model

Fast growth might grab headlines, but you also want to build a business that's robust enough to survive a few knocks. Introducing a recurring revenue model could be the answer.

Financial Management

The Finance Director’ role is moving beyond simple bean counting

If you’re looking for a finance director (FD), or aspiring to become one yourself, you should be aware that this position now carries with it a range of responsibilities and opportunities extending far beyond its traditional finance functions.