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Venture capital guilty of ‘diversity washing’ says Ada Ventures

Men dominate venture capital firms when it comes to senior leadership positions and ownership of VC firms, according to new Ada Ventures research


Venture capital needs more diversity, committee says   

Businesses with all-female founded teams received only two per cent of venture capital funding in 2021, with even less going to black and ethnic minority-led businesses


More VC funding going to female founders  

Twenty-seven per cent of equity deals in the UK last year went to female founded or co-founded businesses


Cornerstone VC launches £20m fund for tech start-ups led by diverse teams

The fund will invest between £250,000 and £1m into 40 UK tech-enabled businesses at pre-seed and seed stage


Capital Pilot confirms first five start-up investments from £5m fund

The VC aims to invest in 100 high-growth potential start-ups in less than six months

Venture Capital Funding

Black founders raise just 1% of pre-Seed venture capital funding

Given half of founders who raise VC are based in London, where 16% of population is black, shows how underrepresented minorities are

Venture Capital Funding

Ada Ventures raises £27m to invest in diversity-driven tech start-ups

Ada Ventures will invest £500,000 apiece in 30 tech startups run by minorities often overlooked by traditional venture capital.


Businesses must look beyond ‘inspirational women’ to shrink gender divide

Women make up 49.5% of the world’s population, and yet, in the workplace, they’re still considered and referred to as the minority. It doesn’t quite add up, says Alexandra Anders of Cornerstone OnDemand.

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Race and the workplace: Five ways businesses can use BAME employee networks for growth

Just four CEOs of the FTSE 100 are Black, Asian or of another ethnic minority group. But can quotas and business networks help boost diversity in UK corporations?


How can businesses diversify the boardroom?

Here, Geeta Sidhu-Robb, founder and CEO of Nosh Detox analyses what could be done to achieve a more diverse boardroom in the UK.


The Women in Finance Awards 2018: June 27

Last night we celebrated once more the individuals and organisations leading the way in promoting a diverse and inclusive finance industry.

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Workplace bullying: Six ways to deal with a bully at work

Workplace bullying costs businesses billions in lost revenue each year.