Augmented Reality

Venture Capital Funding

WaveOptics makes largest AR fundraise of the year

Abingdon-based firm secures investment lead by Octopus Ventures, which believes AR could be bigger than the iPhone.


Augmented reality for businesses: Implementing for growth

Viewing your surroundings with the overlay of an annotated computer display was once a mainstay of science fiction. But now the vision of mixing the real world with computer-generated data is finally here. We look at how it can help your business.


How restaurants can use augmented reality to cash in

New research from McGill University reveals that augmented reality apps increase the profits of restaurants in gaming hotspots.


Hunting for digital treasure with Joe Martin’s augmented reality app Snatch

Transferring digital parcels to real world prizes, Joe Martin takes us on an augmented reality treasure hunt with Snatch.


3 things you can learn from augmented reality

Augmented reality has the potential to affect every aspect of our lives, here is how you can take advantage.

PR and Marketing Strategy

9 in 10 consumers aren’t into augmented reality, and other digital bombshells revealed

The Internet is awash with industry commentators predicting which digital trends will make the biggest impact in 2017. But how do customers actually feel about the latest digital innovations?


Augmented reality and storytelling: My Kingdom Books

Inspired by his nephew's natural curiosity and love for books, Amile Samarakoon created the world's first customisable augmented reality book for children out of London, bringing together a talented crew experts from America, Argentina, Australia, India, Philippines, UK and Ukraine. His business, My Kingdom Books, is now primed to disrupt the wildly antiquated publishing industry. Here's his story.


Barclays provides £1.5m finance facility for augmented reality platform

Banking giant strengthens relationship with mobile image recognition platform Blippar.