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Accounting 101: a guide for business growth

Fail to prepare, prepare to fail. Sprout’s Kate Gloudemans takes us through her top dozen tips to help you grow a stronger business

Financial Management

What is forensic accounting and how can it help your business?

A forensic accountant is not only an accounting expert but highly versed in the criminal, civil or regulatory context in which they operate


Basics of accounting for entrepreneurs

What are the basics of accounting for entrepreneurs? Lauren Harvey explains how to pay VAT, when to file company accounts and business expenses you can claim for


The best accounting software for medium sized businesses in 2023

Finding accounting software for your medium sized business can prove to be tricky. Here are the top UK packages

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The perils of filing abridged company accounts

Filing shortened company accounts could lead to problems obtaining trade credit, financing and the loss of contracts, explains Adam Tucker

Financial Management

Reducing the risk of bad debt – how credit control works

A good credit control system can be considered the lifeblood of a business. How to reduce the risk of bad debt and measures you can take during the COVID-19 pandemic

Financial Management

What is the role of an internal auditor in growing your business?

An internal auditor, either internal or external, helps your growth business identify processes that are outmoded to help you maximise your company’s potential. It can be an invaluable resource, says Amy Hodgetts


Richard Reed backs fintech firm Countingup in multimillion pound fundraising

Startup is taking on Tide and Starling in the growing business account market.


Entrepreneur profile: Colin Hewitt, CEO of Float

Colin Hewitt, CEO of Edinburgh-based accountancy software firm Float talks us through his journey of becoming a fintech entrepreneur.

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Law firm profile: Hugh Strickland, corporate finance partner at Aaron and Partners LLP

When scaling a business it's important to have a good legal team behind you.

Financial Management

Interview: managing partner of Chiene + Tait, Carol Flockhart

GrowthBusiness.co.uk caught up with Chiene + Tait’s managing partner, Carol Flockhart on the importance of accountancy firms to be as agile as the scale-up companies they serve.

Financial Management

What can businesses learn from Tesco’s accounting errors?

Here, we look at the effect Tesco's accounting mistakes had on the reputation of the retail giant and what other companies can take away from the scenario.