Richard Branson STILL the country’s most admired entrepreneur          

The 64-year-old remains popular among the country's youngest entrepreneurs.

Richard Branson has once again been named the country’s most respected entrepreneur in a poll by Clarity Go.

The survey of 500 early-stage entrepreneurs and business owners revealed that more than half (53%) see the Virgin founder as the entrepreneur with the most respect among those looking to follow in his footsteps.

Other “celebrity entrepreneurs” fared less well in the poll. Jamie Oliver (10%), Victoria Beckham (6%) and Katie Price (3%) were all a long way behind Branson in the rankings.

And the 64-year-old’s appeal also appears to be enduring through the generations. Among entrepreneurs under 25 he still won 39% of the votes.

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The survey also touched upon what entrepreneurs feel are the most important factors for achieving success in their careers. Almost all (97%) cited organisation and passion as traits necessary to enjoy sustained success, while more than half (53%) believe it is important to be ruthless.

Among the under-25 group the long working hours are the main concern about being an entrepreneur, with 37% seeing this as a challenge. But among the 65 and over group the state of the economy (21%) is the most prescient concern.

Clarity Go marketing manager Emerson Welch said that “organisation and passion go hand in hand” for entrepreneurial careers.

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