Infographic: The best countries in the world to do business

China is still fastest-growing economy despite recent stock-market collapse: US houses six of the biggest billion dollar start-ups in the world.

A new report by Exec Appointments has revealed the best countries in the world in which to conduct business. The report is based on recent Forbes rankings, the number of billion dollar start-ups and other socio-economic factors.

The UK misses out on the top 10, languishing in 13th place. Top is Denmark, which leads a strong European contingent including Ireland, Norway, Switzerland and Finland.

China’s GDP is expected to grow by around 7% this year, which means it sees off a strong challenge from India to retain the crown of the world’s fast-growing economy.

The US is still a breeding ground for billion dollar start-ups. Six of the most valuable young business are based there – with Uber’s $41.2bn valuation seeing it leading the field.

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Best Places To Start A Business

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