How to improve your pitch deck #5 – Love Ocean

For Anthony Rose, every slide deck tells a story. He shows Gabi Jennings of kids bubble bath brand Love Ocean how to punch up her deck for maximum impact

How to improve your pitch deck #5 – Love Ocean

SeedLegals CEO Anthony Rose sits down with Gabi Jennings, founder of kids bubble bath brand Love Ocean, to go through her pitch deck PowerPoint presentation, offering advice as to how to improve your pitch deck at the same time.

Love Ocean is a commerce with a cause personal care and lifestyle brand providing bath and body products for the whole family. According to Jennings, its unique and iconic launch bottle design will disrupt the baby and kids market and take significant market share. 

For Rose, a slide deck is always a story: what is the problem you’re looking to solve? How are you going to solve it? How are you going to help others? How are you doing in terms of traction? Who is the team?

Rose tells Jennings, “You’ve nailed it in terms of brand and great work on the messaging but you have a bit of work to do on the financials to show ongoing growth.”

Jennings says that one of the things she’s beginning to learn is that you have to have multiple versions of the deck, tweaked for each investor and be able to pivot to what they’re looking for. 

Love Ocean is raising £500,000.

Look and feel

  • Each investor wants something different from a pitch deck
  • Every slide should tell a story or helps you tell a bigger story
  • You should tease out what the product is over 20 slides
  • Slide decks are meant to be positive
  • Ensure the look of the pitch deck matches the propositon

Messaging and proposition

  • Highlight the problem you’re solving
  • Show where you sit with the competition, the size of the market, financials, who the team are and what the amount of money you’re trying to raise
  • Keep the storytelling tight, don’t meander
  • Keep the message easy to follow, don’t make your investor work too hard
  • Show that you’re super focused on your go-to market
  • Demonstrate the size of the potential global market

Valuation and financials

  • Investors expect early stage companies to show 3x growth year on year
  • What are your ambitions?
  • Make sure your financials add up!

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