ezbob hopes to take alternative lending ‘into new realm’ in 2015

This piece, in association with ezbob, highlights the way the alternative finance lender is shaking up its business finance products .

Alternative lender ezbob is helping small businesses to kickstart the new year with an offer to entice them to inject their business with extra cashflow in 2015.

It is offering cash prizes as the ideal way add unique value and incentive to the lending process. From now until February 15th customers taking a loan with ezbob will receive a unique opportunity to cash prizes. Upon approval each borrowing customer will receive a scratch card that offers the chance to take home up to £2,015.

ezbob has also come up with a New Year’s resolution that continues to add value to the customer experience by stretching their lending capabilities and inviting you to borrow even more cash. Customers now have the opportunity to take advantage of ezbob’s newest financial package. Beginning January 2st, the company started offering business loans of up to £120,000 with a schedule of 15 repayments and an interest rate as low as 2%.

The scheme is designed to simplify the borrowing process for SMEs. Until recently many small businesses would often encounter roadblocks in attaining financing that they were unable to mitigate, leaving many to shut the doors for good. But when the alternative-lending boom hit the UK, ezbob immediately began providing small businesses in dire need of fast and accessible short-term financing.

Because of its unique and one of a kind online validation process it provides access to cash in less than 30 minutes, changing the landscape of cash-on-hand possibilities for the SME.

In 2015 Ezbob plans to take the alternative lending industry into a new realm of customer focused service and reliability, and is committed to showing how.

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