Call tracking providers link as Iovox acquires WannaSpeak

Iovox, the inbound and outbound call tracking solutions provider and France-based telecoms provider, WannaSpeak combine to offer 'unrivaled' service

Iovox, the inbound and outbound call tracking solutions provider, headquartered in London, has acquired France-based telecoms provider, WannaSpeak.

The terms of the transaction were not disclosed, but growth capital was provided by growth loan provider Columbia Lake Partners and venture capitalist Octopus Ventures.

Initially the respective services will continue to be supported as standalone products. Deeper integration of the offerings and operational processes will occur throughout 2019 creating options for customers to add new features and functionalities.

The company says the strategic benefits of the transaction are that it solidifies European call tracking leadership in that the acquisition of WannaSpeak adds important European brands to the iovox customer base including Orange, Axel Springer, Bouygues Telecom, Total (Direct Énergie), BNP Paribas and Audi.

Also, it broadens the product portfolio making, iovox says the combined company’s product portfolio unrivalled in its capabilities to handle, on a worldwide basis, inbound and outbound call tracking, including dynamic call tracking, web call back options, transcription, speech analytics, and the integration of phone data with marketing and CRM platforms. Solutions from iovox are designed for corporations as well as individuals via a new mobile app that iovox has been trialling through 2018.

Ryan Gallager, co-founder and chief executive officer of iovox said: “The team at WannaSpeak has built a growing and profitable company and we’re excited to have the staff and their loyal customers now part of the iovox family. We believe 2019 has the makings of a breakout year for Iovox due to the traction we’re seeing in the Asia Pacific (APAC) region for our core services, continued organic growth throughout Europe, the development and release of our new mobile solutions, and acquisitions such as this with WannaSpeak.

“Some of our first customers were in France and we’ve operated there successfully for many years, so the customers of WannaSpeak can expect to continue to receive excellent support from a company that truly understands the market and their needs,” said Gallagher.

All WannaSpeak staff are joining iovox and will continue to support customers while taking on expanded roles in the combined business.

Thibaut Behaghel, co-founder and CEO of WannaSpeak will be taking on the role of director of business development with a focus on globally growing the company’s mobile business with an aim of making iovox the standard for mobile call tracking. Behaghel has prior experience with mobile through his role at LastPass where he helped the company establish a leadership position in Europe and throughout Asia prior to its acquisition by LogMeIn in 2015.

Benoit Dausse, co-founder and General Manager of WannaSpeak will be taking on the role of Director of Sales, EMEA for iovox with a focus on growing the core enterprise call tracking business throughout Europe. Leveraging deep knowledge of the market, Dausse will be leading efforts across industries where call tracking has a proven and clear-cut return on investment.

Thibaut Behaghel said: “We’re proud of what we built at WannaSpeak, yet we see the product vision of iovox which is distinctive in the industry and a big reason Benoit and I wanted to be part of the future of iovox.”

Benoit Dausse said: “When evaluating strategic options, we found a fit with iovox that is perfectly aligned with the global customer and innovation focused culture we built at WannaSpeak.”



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Stephanie Spicer is an editor at Bonhill Group