How businesses can benefit from vehicle tracking systems

With the recent developments and innovations in GPS technology, vehicle tracking systems have become affordable and accessible to small and medium-sized companies.

Vehicle tracking systems allow the owner of the business or the fleet manager to be able to locate the vehicles in their fleet anytime, anywhere in the world. Using tracking devices, fleet managers are able to view real-time location and additional information about their vehicles, such as; fuel level, speed, address as well as previous routes of a vehicle for up to 3 months. If your business relies heavily on vehicles, machinery and drivers, then investing in vehicle tracking may help reduce your expenses, improve customer satisfaction and in result improve profitability.

Reduce fuel costs

Businesses with vehicle fleets spend a huge amount of money on fuel costs on a weekly basis. By using GPS tracking systems, fleet managers are able to determine shorter routes for their drivers throughout the day with less traffic and thus cover less distance for their deliveries. Faster delivery times equal happy customers. In addition, by using the data provided, managers can warn over-speeding drivers, and they can set speed thresholds for their fleets. According to studies for every 10 km. driven over the speed limit, fuel costs increase by 7 cents per litre. When you do the math for an entire fleet, you will realise a substantial amount of fuel is being wasted.

Monitor driver behaviour

A noteworthy feature of implementing a fleet tracking system is that it can help affect drivers to develop a better driving behaviour. Drivers are valuable assets for fleet businesses and it is important that they are safe while doing their job. A vehicle tracker can help a driver to maintain a steady speed, anticipate traffic, prevent them from excessive behaviour such as over-speeding, and help compensate the drivers for their hours of work. It is very difficult to manage a massive fleet spread across the country but with the help of a modern GPS tracking platform and software support, managers can compare driver behaviour across an entire fleet, analyse the data provided and improve wherever necessary.

Maintain a healthy fleet

Vehicle maintenance expenses snip yet another big part of a fleet business’ budget. Vehicle tracking devices can help the managers to keep their fleet in good shape by providing crucial information about their fleets such as engine hours and any trouble codes detected by vehicles. Most businesses perform maintenance on their vehicles on scheduled dates and they follow unnecessary maintenance routines which result in unwanted expenses. Fleet management software allows you to schedule your repairs with accurate usage and mileage data at the right time and save your company unnecessary costs.

Reduce administrative expenses

Fleet businesses that employ a lot of drivers spend a considerable amount of manpower, time and money for doing the paperwork. GPS tracking software provides driver and mileage reports for up to 3 months and allows managers to reduce time and resources spent on paperwork.

Improve customer satisfaction

One of the most important factors in growing your business is constantly improving customer satisfaction. Clients count on faster delivery times of the goods or the services they have purchased. Using a fleet tracking system managers can provide their clients with the real-time location of a vehicle and ensure that deliveries arrive on schedule. By providing your customers quality service, you can develop strong relationships with your customers. Many industrial, commercial and home service businesses have already started using vehicle tracking solutions to provide their customers with a higher quality of service.

Sector Examples

Landscaping Business: GPS systems help landscaping businesses expand their daily operations by tracking vehicles, adjusting routes and schedules.

Plumbing Companies: Tracking systems allow directing the nearest employee to an emergency site.

Delivery Services: GPS can offer high-quality service by guiding delivery vehicles as efficiently as possible.

Food & Beverage Companies: GPS helps food and beverage delivery companies distribute their food quicker by planning efficient routes.

There are many business types which could benefit from investing in GPS tracking solutions. In just a few months after installing a tracking system, businesses will see a return on their investment due to the lowered fuel costs.

Praseeda Nair

Kellen Rempel

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