What do the biggest tech companies have planned for 2018?

Technology industry leaders by revenue, such as Apple, Samsung, Amazon and Alphabet (Google) have big plans for 2018, with tech that will change the environment for consumers and investors alike.

Virtually every forecast aimed at predicting what the top tech companies have up their sleeves for 2018 suggests that this is going to be an innovative and exciting year. The tech sector moved ahead with leaps and bounds last year, but that was only setting the stage for what the giants are hoping to push into the mainstream in the next twelve months. From the Internet of Things to cars that drive themselves and biotechnology breakthroughs that used to be limited exclusively to science fiction, 2018 is going to change the way we live.

Among the best companies to watch for these types of innovation and as potential investments include Apple, Samsung, Amazon and Alphabet (Google), which comprise four out of the top five tech companies based on revenue.

Here’s what we already know about what they have planned this year.


While last year was a rough one for the iPhone maker, it’s hardly like Apple to hide from a challenge. Indeed, there will be more Apple products for 2018 and they are certain to come with innovative new tech. Though it is company policy never to discuss upcoming plans or products, industry experts and brand followers predict a new Mac Pro with a USB-C Thunderbolt display.
Updates will also be added to the MacBook, MacBook Pro and the iMac. The Apple Watch 4 series is expected late this year.

Moreover, the HomePod that was unveiled back in September 2017 and that many had predicted would become available by December has yet to be released, causing many to speculate that it will hit the shelves in 2018. It’s also expected that a new generation of iPhones will be released to follow the iPhone X, possibly called the XS and XS Plus, in addition to an iPhone 9 and an iPhone SE. New iPad and iPad Pro tablets are on the way, as are updated AirPods and a fresh new iOS 12.


After facing a number of battery-related challenges in recent years, a Samsung CES hit brought new hope to the brand. Its latest TV tech received considerable applause, as did the Samsung Galaxy A8 and A8+, which can not only take improved selfies with upgraded cameras, but are also waterproof to a depth of up to 1.5 meters. That said, its biggest leaps forward have to do with the Internet of Things, in its SmartThings hub, which includes its existing and future smartwatches as important components.


Amazon never needs a new year to come up with a reason to change the world through tech innovations. That said, the e-commerce giant is expected to make big news even by its standards this year. For example, the Amazon new planned headquarters will be announced in 2018. Cities in the United States and Canada gave their best bids in 2017 to try to gain Amazon’s favour for its second headquarters, bringing the location an initial investment of $5 billion.

At the same time, the company is also said to be arranging for a bid for sports streaming rights in the U.K.’s upcoming auction. This would make it possible for viewers to stream premier league matches.

Alphabet (Google)

Alphabet, Google’s parent company, has set its sights on pretty much everything this year. That said, its personal assistant will play a central role and it will be continuing its research and development of artificial intelligence (AI).

With the Assistant at the core of the company’s efforts, everything else can be tied together through it in order to create a more complete Google ecosystem.

Keeping an eye on tech

These and others among the biggest tech company shares will be more than certain to lead the headlines with their latest strategies, bids and products throughout 2018.

That said, savvy investors don’t forget to keep watch for the smaller off the radar companies that may only be making ripples now, but that could be making waves by the end of the year. The best among these start-ups and smaller firms are frequently acquired by tech giants or rapidly rise to become a surprising and meaningful rival.

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