Best rebrands of 2014 so far

Deciding to rebrand a company can provide a breath of fresh air to a business, but can be fraught with risk. We look at five examples that have got it right recently.

Companies are forever rebranding themselves to try and stay ahead of the market and show people what they are all about. It is important to make sure that their brand stays true to their company, but it is vital to have a refresh in order to attract new customers.

The television channel Dave (often featuring programmes such as Top Gear) has recently undergone a rebrand. There are going to be new indents and humorous visuals in-between programmes, showing views exactly what the TV channel is trying to depict – a happy, comical viewing experience. It has undergone a bit of a makeover, reviving the channel and hopefully inviting a wider audience.

Wilko’s have also undergone a bit of a rebrand recently. They have a new advertising campaign which features what seems like a Pirates of the Carribean-esque type ad showing a new saying ‘Where there is a Wilko’s there is a way’.

Ladbrokes recently launched a new rebrand with ‘The Ladbrokes Lifestyle.’ The new advert takes a look at five people who are living the Ladbrokes lifestyle and each of the characters in the advert has their own traits which are played out in the advert. Having moved away from the tradition methods of advertising betting, Ladbrokes are hoping this rebrand will appeal to a wider audience.

Dairy Milk has undergone a rebrand lately, due to listening to what it is customers want from them. The chocolate brand has shown itself with brand new packaging, five new flavours and a new marketing campaign. Social media demanded the introduction of the Black Forest – which has been taken on board and it can now be seen back on shelves.

PayPal have also undergone a new rebrand. The business realised that its site was made for online and didn’t really work as well in the mobile app world. People use PayPal on a daily basis – and a lot of its customers treat it like a banking system. The design of the brand has been changed to get new customers on board, but also show people who are already customers that the business has undergone some maintenance.

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Alan Dobie

Alan Dobie

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