Trio of entrepreneurs secure seed cash to launch brand distribution platform

The AXM Venture Capital-managed North West Fund for Digital & Creative has made its latest outlay, with Liverpool-based Branded Reality the beneficiary.

Technology platform Branded Reality has secured an undisclosed seed investment from The North West Fund for Digital & Creative to help with its launch to market.

The business, which combines advertising campaigns with getting brand samples into consumers’ hands via a mobile platform, will be using the capital it has garnered to continue with technology development and marketing activity.

Its platform allows consumers to request samples from their mobiles as well as providing feedback information to brands.

Paul Finnagan, CEO and founder of Branded Reality, comments, ‘Brands are always looking to improve the return on their huge investment in sampling.

‘We believe that our innovative technology platform provides an attractive channel for them to distribute samples that will enable them more precisely to target more engaged consumers and provide better quality feedback.’

Branded Reality was set up by Finnagan in 2012 alongside development director Omar Saeed and US sales director Ian Smith. Its mobile platform, RecognEyes, will be available through a smartphone app function in the fourth quarter of the year.

More on the North West Fund for Digital & Creative:

AXM Venture Capital investment manager Joanne Evans believes that the Branded Reality business has a ‘great combination’ of sales, technology and digital marketing technology.

‘It will be focused on taking a share of a huge market both in the UK and US,’ he adds.

The last business to receive capital from the £15 million Digital & Creative Fund was RealityMine. A £600,000 sum was injected into the Manchester-based SaaS platform alongside GP Bullhound’s Sidecar fund at the end of July.

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