The seven most successful rejects that made it big

This infographic reveals that you can't always write off corporate rejects. Here's why rejection doesn't mean failure

This infographic reveals that you can’t always write off corporate rejects. Here’s why rejection doesn’t mean failure

Rejection can vary from minor obstacles to a major setbacks when growing your business. What is crucial to business success is perseverance and self-belief to keep powering through the ‘nos’ until you hear a ‘yes’, as these seven global icons have proven in their stellar careers.

Courage, self-confidence, and tenacity are the common traits in the world’s most successful rejects, as highlighed in an infographic designed by business ecard company, Ecard Shack.

“It’s not uncommon to fear rejection, especially in your career, but the secret to rejection is to use it to help motivate you to reach your goals,” Chris Rowson, founder of Ecard Shack told Growth Business. 

Against all odds

  • “Unfit for TV”: Oprah Winfrey 
  • Film school reject: Steven Spielberg
  • Fired from his own company: Steve Jobs
  • “Lacked imagination”: Walt Disney
  • 30-time publishing reject: Stephen King
  • “No future in showbusiness”: The Beatles
  • “Would never amount to much”: Albert Einstein


“We couldn’t believe that these seven extremely successful people were rejected for their talents that we all now know and love them for today. Successful entrepreneurs don’t get discouraged by rejection, so take consolation in the fact that sometimes rejection is just the first step towards success,” Rowson added.


Successful Rejects

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