Tech Innovators 2015: Shopitize

Shopitize are one of our top 20 tech innovators for 2015.

Shopitize are one of our top 20 tech innovators for 2015

Presenter: Carl Engelmarc

Job title: General Manager

Based in: London

Founded in: 2010

No. of Employees: 19

Carl Engelmarc

Carl Engelmarc is an experienced entrepreneur who has built numerous successful start-ups and global mature businesses in the advertising, media and digital space. Being a total tech-geek, Carl has a burning interest in advertising technology and big data, in particular how it can be used to create competitive edge for clients.

Background Profile

Shopitize is a unique mobile marketing platform that enables brands and merchants to grow sales and drive loyalty by providing  tailored offers and promotions to shoppers.

In so doing, Shopitize significantly improves brand and merchant ROI by influencing individual shoppers’ path-to-purchase and closing the loop between their engagement and purchase decisions across multiple retailers without the need for any retailer POS integration.

Contact details

Praseeda Nair

Kellen Rempel

Praseeda was Editor for from 2016 to 2018.

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