Tech Innovators 2014: Care Systems Integration brings technology and patient care together

Creating something innovative and robust enough for use by the NHS has scuppered many businesses in the past, but not Care Systems Integration.

Cardiff-based Care Systems Integration is using the cloud to develop systems for managing safety and delivering care plans at patients’ homes.

Headed up by John Griffiths, the company features in the 2014 GrowthBusiness Tech Innovators examination of fast-growth technology companies in the UK.

The Technology Strategy Board has already endorsed the company by backing a new project already underway, and now we’ve had a look at what has recently been accomplished alongside upcoming milestones.

Care Systems Integration

Based in: Cardiff

Founded in: 2011

No. of employees: 6

Company founder: John Griffiths                          

Care Systems Integration founder John Griffiths

Founder profile:

Before setting up Care Systems Integration, John Griffiths implemented the first Android/cloud care support system for Bournemouth Borough Council. With an extensive background in business and ICT, his expertise includes e-health innovations and public sector primary and secondary social care. Griffiths also spent 12 years as an ICT European specialist for the Welsh Government, a role which included representing Wales on telecare and teleheath developments both in the UK and globally.

Background business profile:

Care Systems Integration (CSI) specialises in cloud-based mobile applications for improving efficiencies in social care, through its products MOCAD and Caring Cloud. MOCAD uses Android tablets and cloud databases inside the NHS N3 environment and interfacing a range of consumer hardware through the Caring Cloud App and website – delivering a complete personalised care system for the ageing population.

Inside track:

With the traditional approach being one of treating symptoms and not the disease, John Griffiths wanted to create a more modern approach to care. His mother contracting dementia was the catalyst, and the entrepreneur then went on to form Care Systems Integration.

‘You need to put in support services, which in the old days was the family living close by to ensure people are active,’ he explains.

‘But nowadays that isn’t the case, so technology was well behind the curve with this one because it hadn’t been addressed from a modern viewpoint to allow relatives to help themselves rather than just going into a home.’

He identifies two key issues for individuals who have elderly relatives living a distance away. One is temperature, with electricity being on or off contained within that. The other is whether carers are turning up to do the job they are paid for. Care Systems Integration allows for checks to be seen on mobile applications.

In September the business will go live with its first fully integrated website, equipment and mobile application for multiple devices in the home.

Growth to date was first funded by help from the Technology Strategy Board, a £1.2 million sum that has allowed Griffiths to build out the team. That put the company in a Cisco programme, which then opened doors that the team wouldn’t normally have been able. Landmark moments such as speaking at Mobile World Congress have been pivotal in building out the proposition and exposing a bigger network to the technology.

Now Griffith and his team are seeking additional funding so that the service can be taken into new countries.

Recent milestones:

  • Technology Strategy Board project Caring Cloud – £1.2 million two year project now in Q5 partners O2 and Advant~age
  • Winner CISCO Raptor Fast Track SME Nov 13 – Youtube RAPTOR MOCAD
  • Finalist World MHealth Forum Barcelona May 2014

Upcoming milestones:

  • Launch of Caring Cloud Pilots through charities alongside Advant~age
  • Launch of Caring Cloud App and Caring Cloud website with customised configured equipment delivered from a trusted brand
  • Pilots of tablet-based care systems for Carers – no mileage/timesheets and reports in real time to Caring Cloud for visits/medication/alarms/temperature

Recent technology:

CSI has created a platform that allows true interoperability inside the NHS network, and allow the data from this to be delivered to relatives and carers, giving peace of mind that their loved ones are safe. The Caring Cloud App supplies a trusted environment that gives clear messages of any issues, visits and what was done, without the relative being present, giving them confidence to continue on their daily business.


  • MOCAD – Mobile Care And early intervention and Diagnosis – an integrated cloud based messaging engine that takes data from all approved MOCAD hardware – alarm buttons, temperature, electricity, pill minders, fall detectors and integrates this will visit information from MOCAD’s carer tablet platform and delivers this through the Caring Cloud App for relatives and carers alike to have peace of mind all is well at home
  • Caring Cloud website and fulfilment system – a sophisticated fulfilment system that takes many hardware suppliers equipment and customises it for the Service user using a specialist mobile sim contract
  • Caring Cloud App – a downloadable app (Android at the moment, IOS Q4 2014) that gives relatives access to the MOCAD data, integrates with all MOCAD compatible equipment purchased through the Caring Cloud website. The first month’s subscription is free, with an opt-out available after this for subscription for up to 5 relatives or carers for £9.99/month


  • Cisco Systems – Winner Raptor Fat Track SME competition November 2013 with MOCAD
  • O2/Telephonica – partner with TSB Caring Cloud project and strategic mobile alliance in Europe
  • Dorset County Council – trial for MOCAD to demonstrate efficiencies in the public sector
  • Advant~age – strategic supplier to the 3rd Sector and interface with all UK charities for retail sale of all CSI configured equipment


  • None apart from shareholders – first round funding. All development undertaken through personal funding of the shareholders and from winning awards from the Technology Strategy Board (TSB) and other competitions – CISCO Raptor.

Contact details:

Castle Court, 6 Cathedral Road Cardiff Cf11 9LJ

Tel: 01225 240024



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