Alternative Finance for Business

How to skyrocket your Kickstarter campaign: Get overfunded in 6 steps

Here we take a look at six simple steps to boost your Kickstarter campaign and secure overfunding. Check out the infographic below!

Alternative Finance for Business

The do’s and don’ts of attracting funding on Kickstarter

Everyone is looking for alternative ways to fund their business. What should you avoid saying in your campaign to find funding success.

Alternative Finance for Business

New invention aims to replace the unsanitary toilet brush (and is crowdfunding)

Gloucestershire-based inventor Kam Mistry is hoping to raise millions of pounds for charity if he reaches his Kickstarter funding target for the Shiffter, a new invention which aims to make cleaning toilets ‘considerably less disgusting’ than using a toilet brush.

Alternative Finance for Business

Failed Kickstarter start-up rebounds with the help from an ice hockey star

FitWood, a Finnish company making Scandinavian-style fitness equipment for home use, learned from its failed Kickstarter and made its equity crowdfunding campaign a success with help from a professional hockey player.


Cubetto aims to get children coding away from the screen

Wooden robot, Cubetto, helps children three and up learn the basics of coding.


UK clothing brand Shackleton sets ambitious crowdfunding target

100 years after namesake explorer’s ‘dash to the pole’.

Alternative Finance for Business

The 55,492 dollar problem with Kickstarter

Kickstarter must become more selective with pitches if it is to become a viable way for businesses to raise money, says Gekko managing director Dan Todaro.


The Kickstarter campaign now taking its cycle product to the masses

From a raw prototype developed as part of a final year degree piece, the Blaze Laserlight is now being manufactured in China and is backed by Index Ventures and the Branson family.


Kickstarter joins British crowdfunding contingent with ‘rewards-based’ platform

Online fundraising platform Kickstarter has launched in the UK after announcing its intentions to do so in July.


Kickstarter to join UK crowdfunding surge

US-based crowdfunding platform Kickstarter is planning to launch in the UK in the autumn.