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AI could add $500bn to value of SMEs globally

SMEs either creating AI for enterprise organisations or embedding AI in their own businesses will add billions of dollars in value, says boutique tech bank DAI Magister

Growth Planning

What scaleups have in common

Are there any personality traits that founders of scaleups share? What sectors are they in? And do Britain’s fast-growth businesses have other things in common?

Mergers & Acquisitions

Organic growth vs acquisition – which is the best strategy?

Dr Nick Quinn of Adam Smith Business School argues that organic growth over acquisition is the best strategy for companies during Covid-19

Growth Planning

5 must-dos to help your business emerge from Covid-19 stronger

Fight a knee-jerk response to making people redundant and instead invest in R&D and marketing, say experts at Venturers Club virtual roundtable

Growth Planning

4 biggest obstacles stopping you from growing your business in 2020

Andrew Johnson, FD of PowWowNow, identifies 4 headwinds your scaleup faces in 2020 as you try to grow

Growth Planning

Why you need to bring in expert help to grow your business

Founders of fast-growth businesses should not be afraid to bring in outside expertise when their businesses are scaling up fast, says Andrew Wolfson


Why your growth business needs an operating system

Every scaleup needs its own operating system, says Julia Langkraehr. However, we’re not talking Windows or iOS – rather the kind of joined-up thinking used by Lego, Toyota and Audi

Growth Planning

8 questions to ask that will help grow your business

Is your business model scalable? Accountant Simon Smith identifies eight questions to ask before entrepreneurs decide to grow their business

Growth Planning

Four things you need to do if you want to grow your business

Many businesses find themselves in a ‘steady state’, unable to take their businesses onto the next level due to lack of funding or because they do not want to dilute equity, writes Dominic Buch

Growth Planning

Why good public transport is key for scaling your growth business

Having staff increase their use of public transport by just one percentage point would boost number of scale-ups across Britain by nearly 4pc.


How we’ve grown our business – Emma Watkinson, CEO SilkFred

E-commerce platform SilkFred began in 2011 raising £150,000 in seed money. Today, it employs 70 staff and sells 600 fashion brands online.


How I’ve grown my business – Lana Elie, founder Floom

Floom has turned the traditional online florist model on its head, enabling indie florists to show off their creativity and what they have in stock. It expects to make £5m in sales in 2019. Now it’s moving into creating websites for florists