Company valuation

Venture Capital Funding

What is a venture capital term sheet?

Mountside Ventures has produced a report demystifying the world of term sheets for founders. What is a term sheet? What's the difference between types of shares? How long do VC deals take to close?

Exit Strategies

Is your business worth what you think it is? – how to calculate sale price

How can you calculate the value of your business for sale? George Pennock of company data platform Pomanda explains how to calculate how much your business is worth

Growth Planning

Everything you need to need to know about doing your business valuation

In this article, Seneca corporate finance director, Ian Dawson, examines the pivotal issue of business valuation


Start-up valuation – an investor guide to valuing a start-up

Matthew Cushen, co-founder at Worth Capital, explains the ins and outs, the art and not the science behind a realistic start-up valuation.


Why COVID-19 is not all bad news for start-up valuations

Start-ups face a 20-60% drop in valuations based on previous crises. Yet some start-ups could see increased investor demand during the COVID-19 pandemic


How do you value your business when you don’t know what the future holds?

We speak to Adam McGiveron, Brexit specialist and head of the advanced manufacturing sector at law firm Shakespeare Martineau on how businesses can value their firm accurately.

Financial Management

How to value your business

There's a variety of different methods available when it comes to evaluating the value of your business. Here we run through the main options and explain the pros and cons of each.

Legislation and Regulation

How to value unquoted shares

Bruce Jones, partner at law firm Bircham Dyson Bell, reflects on the legal issues surrounding the valuation of unquoted shares.

Exit Strategies

What’s my company worth?

You've worked long and hard to build your business into a successful and saleable concern, now how do you determine its value? GrowthBusiness experts answer the burning question - So, what is my company actually worth?

Exit Strategies

Company valuation snakes and ladders

Take two companies. Equal size, equal prospects. Yet one is valued twice as highly as the other. Why? And how do you ensure your company gets the highest valuation possible?