The top green innovation and finance projects and people REVEALED

From the brains behind the world's first green crowdfunding platform to new carbon capture technology perfected by a leading UK university, the Green Innovation & Finance Awards shortlist reveals the best and brightest in sustainability today.

From social impact investing to large-scale solar and wind projects, the Green Innovation & Finance Awards identifies the people and businesses building a sustainable future for the UK, while also recognising those who ensure that such innovation and hard work generates genuine economic value in the long term.

This year’s shortlist includes projects as unique as Shiply, a sustainable courier service, GreenTech Distribution, an e-waste recycler, Growing Underground, a hydroponic farm deep underground, and many others.

We also recognise the financiers and dealmakers involved in deals as large as the Swindon Solar Park, or Ceres Power’s fundraise.

The winners will be announced on the 23rd of February.

The Green Innovation & Finance Awards 2017 shortlist

University of the Year

This award acknowledges the most industrious university in producing the strongest spin-out projects in green innovation. Judges will look for at least one stand-out case study, and will consider a range of issues including the volume and quality of the spin-outs, the number of external venture-backed spin-outs, and the number of patents secured over the past 12 months.

  1. Aston University
  2. Imperial College London
  3. Loughborough University
  4. University College London
  5. University of Cambridge
  6. University of Manchester
  7. University of Oxford

Innovator of the Year

This award recognises the developer of the most groundbreaking technology, product or service that promotes the green economy. Judges will look for nominations detailing the impact of the technology/product/service has had on the green economy, how it was developed, how it’s being funded, and what makes it particularly innovative.

  1. Agrivi
  2. Desolenator
  3. Drenched
  4. Exergyn
  5. Growing Underground
  6. Kelda Technology
  7. Riversimple
  8. Shiply
  9. Upside Energy

Entrepreneur of the Year

This category celebrates the most successful visionary in the green economy, who has advanced the cause of their business more effectively than their rivals, whether through pioneering technology, or innovative services. Judges will look for a tangible contribution to the green economy.

  1. Tessa Cook, Olio
  2. Simon Crowther, Flood Protection Solutions Ltd
  3. Tom Druitt, The Big Lemon
  4. Erik Fairbairn, POD Point
  5. Charlie Ross, Offset Warehouse
  6. Robert Schrimpff, Solar for Schools
  7. Chris Wilson, Too Good To Go
  8. Marc Zornes, Winnow

Fast-Growth Champion of the Year

This award is for the company or organisation which has displayed the most commitment and vision for sustainability, with proven revenue growth over the past 12 months. Judges will also look for examples of sustainable design and the manufacturing of zero-waste products that can be cycled back in its manufacturing process at the end of useful life.

  1. Antaco
  2. Bio-bean
  3. Considerate Hoteliers
  4. Fluidic Energy
  5. GreenTech Distribution
  6. LoveEnergySavings
  7. Neal’s Yard Remedies
  8. Recycling Technologies
  9. Vantage Power

Infrastructure Financier of the Year

This award recognises the late-stage finance provider that has done the most to catalyse large-scale green projects in the past 12 months, such as wind farms, solar parks or wide-scale bio-gas projects.

  1. Foresight Group
  2. Green Investment Bank
  3. Guinness Alternative Energy
  4. HSBC
  5. Powerhouse Energy Group PLC
  6. Standard Life Ethical Corporate Bond fund

Impact Investment Firm of the Year

This category celebrates the investment fund that has done the most in actively placing capital in businesses within the green economy, while addressing socio-environmental issues in the past 12 months. Judges will look for examples of investment activity, demonstrable return on investment, and added value to the community it serves.

  1. Bridges Ventures
  2. Clearly So
  3. Davy Asset Management Ethical Equity
  4. Hermes Global Equity ESG
  5. Jupiter Global Ecology Diversified
  6. Kames Global Sustainable Equity Fund
  7. Newton Investment Management
  8. Standard Life Ethical Corporate Bond fund

Circular Economy Champion of the Year

This award celebrates the company or institution that has the most comprehensive circular economic business model. The judges will be looking for examples of scale, and of the positive impact on small and medium businesses in the supply chain.

  1. Arup
  2. C2C Institute
  3. Environcom
  4. John Lewis
  5. National Grid
  6. Unilever
  7. WRAP
  8. Recycling Technologies

Deal of the Year

This award acknowledges the company that has planned and executed the best acquisition, merger, fundraising or flotation during the past 12 months. Judges will need to know the details of the transaction: which parties were involved, what difficulties were navigated, and what the overall impact of the deal has been on the green economy.

  1. Ceres Power’s fundraise
  2. Galloper Wind Farm
  3. Johnsons Aggregates & Recycling
  4. Marks & Spencers solar installation
  5. PaveGen’s fundraise
  6. Rainworth Energy
  7. Swindon Solar Park
  8. Viridor
  9. Wales Environmental

Advisor of the Year

The judges will reward the professional advisory firm that has provided real depth of expertise to companies in the green economy. Judges will look for the firm that has provided the most added value to their clients in terms of insight, counsel and returns.

  1. Almach Energy
  2. Carbon Smart
  3. Capita
  4. Clifford Chance
  5. Crowe Clark Whitehill
  6. Hosking Associates
  7. Norton Rose Fulbright
  8. Zeus Capital

Innovative Financier of the Year

This award recognises the early-stage growth finance equity and/or debt provider that has done the most to help a groundbreaking green business project start up and grow in the past 12 months. Judges will look for details such as the kind of finance provided, the volume and value of its deals in the green sector, and future commitments planned for the sector.

  1. BGF (Business Growth Fund)
  2. CO2Sense
  3. Earth Capital Partners
  4. ETF Partners
  5. Ethex
  6. Salix Finance
  7. Triodos Bank

Project of the Year

This award recognises the project with the biggest impact on furthering sustainable development through innovation without degrading the environment, either in the clean energy, water, transportation, land or property development or waste management sectors.

  1. Aldi Stores UK
  2. Bodmin Moor
  3. Burbo Bank
  4. City of London
  5. Kilgallioch
  6. Lynemouth Power Station
  7. MeyGen Tidal Project
  8. Vine Farm Photovoltaics Park

Business Leader of the Year

This award recognises the chair or chief executive that has made the greatest impact towards achieving their firm’s sustainability goals, or the wider green economy.

  1. Richard Clothier, Wyke Farms
  2. Juliet Davenport, Good Energy
  3. Bruce Davis, Abundance Investments
  4. Adrian Griffiths, Recycling Technologies
  5. Kevin Hard, formerly EvoEnergy
  6. Emma Marsh, Love Food Hate Waste (now at RSPB)
  7. Hugh McNeal, RenewableUK
  8. Richard Reed, Innocent Drinks (now at JamJar Investments)

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Praseeda Nair

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