Staying safe in the office

Praxis42 bring you an insight into office safety along with some general safety tips that’ll help your office become that much safer.

Keeping you and your employees safe in the office they spend most of their week in should be your top priority. Depending on the size of your workforce and the office you’re working in, this can often be troubling and not so straightforward. Without a proper focus and emphasis on safety, then problems can occur where it’s possible that someone could have a serious injury.

Praxis42 bring you an insight into office safety along with some general safety tips that’ll help your office become that much safer.

Electrical safety

More so in the office than anywhere else, there’s many electrical devices in close proximity to each other. From desktop computers to video conferencing devices, these all can be dangerous to everyone around them if poorly maintained.  

Ensure that your office is properly cable managed to avoid tripping and sparks. Just by buying cable ties or cages, you’ll keep the floor free from loose wiring that’ll drastically reduce, if not eliminate, tripping hazards. Getting a few cable covers further decreases chance of tripping and allows you multiple office design choices without risking safety.

Stay on top of electrical device inspection too, as old devices are more prone to overheating and breakdown. If this is ignored then you risk devices blowing their power supplies with sparks being produced as a result, risking everyone in the building to fires.

Be aware

It’s vital that everyone within the office is aware of their own surroundings and the surroundings of others. If everyone ignores small problems around the office then they can manifest into serious issues.

This requires everyone knowing what to look for, it’s quite simple in some cases, such as blocked entry/exits and items in common walkways. Other times you need specific knowledge to notice small issues that, in time, will become a danger to you and those around you.


E-learning is an excellent tool to combat the lack of knowledge that you’ll sometimes find in offices around the UK. People just don’t know what to look for, and are sometimes stuck in the process of getting work done to notice their surroundings.

When training is mentioned, employers around the country often gasp as they realise the time and price it’ll cost them and their business. In recent times though, E-learning has been taking businesses by storm, as they move away from the traditional training structure of multiple day physical courses.

E-learning allows the employee to complete the training, whenever they need to, wherever they want, on any device they choose. This provides a huge range of flexibility and improves the quality of training that they receive. As the employee isn’t left behind by the flow of the training course, they can take the course at their own pace so nothing is looked over. The cost of the course and the time taken off is a much better result, as the courses are as little as £25 and don’t need extensive time taken off to complete. Ideal for companies that want to keep everybody safe, but also don’t have the funds to take time off.

Brenden Grant

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