Start-up behind Boris Bike stunt video rides off with $1.35 investment

Collaborative social video network FightMe has turned to venture capital backers to finance the continued growth of its platform.

Investors including HTG Ventures, Daniel and Raphael Khalili, David Reuben Junior of Reuben Brothers and Mercevents are uniting to lead a $1.35 million capital injection into FightMe.

The tech start-up has created a platform based on the premise of users joining and creating challenges. Uploaders then have to then make a 30 second video to share.

Money has been raised so that FightMe can grow its current team and launch an app for Android devices. It also has plans to hold events and grow a presence in the US.

Joelle Hadfield, co-founder of FightMe alongside Jamie Lorenz, says that the platform’s progress since launching a beta version in 2013 has been ‘beyond our expectations’ – with 25-fold cited as the user base growth.

‘We were featured in the Best New Apps section on the iTunes App Store, made our first hire in the US and although we initially focused on the European market, already well over half of our users are coming from the States,’ she adds.

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Prior to setting up FightMe, which has now raised a cumulative $1.85 million in funding, Lorenz founded The Cuckoo Club as well as financing the PKR 3D poker service with Hadfield.

The platform’s most successful video to date has come in the form of an open call for more urban spaces aimed at young people. It featured stunt riders using Boris Bikes to navigate through London alongside free runners. So far the video has had nearly 180,000 views (see below to view).

‘Inviting users to “Join the Fight” is inviting them to participate in a forum where they are challenged to be better through the support, encouragement and belief of a community,’ Lorenz says.

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