No Deposit Bingo CEO Nikola Zugic on being acquired and growing an online business

In this interview, Nikola Zugic discusses the day to day operations of No Deposit Bingo.

When it comes to operating an online business establishment no one knows better than Nikola Zugic. He is responsible for the a number of sites under the LCB Network. In this interview, Nikola Zugic discusses the day to day operations of No Deposit Bingo (NDB).

What is the main focus behind

As its name is suggesting NDB main focus and dedication is to no deposit bingo bonuses. Anything pertaining to freebies is our mission.

Which aspects would you consider unique to other bingo affiliates in the industry?

I would not say we are unique by offering NDBs as many other bingo sites also offer them. However we do in on a scale that most other sites don’t. Also what is different to other affiliate site is that our main goal is to review and list these NDB all at one place.

When was NDB acquired and what made it an attractive addition to the LCB network?

We purchased the site back in 2011. Back then the site only had two dozen pages, with very little information. The addition to LCB network was mainly in expanding our existing portfolio of websites dedicated to anything related to bonuses.

What changes and improvements have been made by your team following the acquisition?

Since the purchase  we revamped the site with a new design and real time activity feed. Whenever one of our users rate or comments under our reviews that action will be shown on our homepage. This is meant to show others what is going on at the site, and also make it easier to find info and positive/negative feedback. The site is now also synced to making it easier to keep all the info up to date.

As the site has a UK domain name, would you say that the majority of your traffic comes from the UK?

That is correct. The main market for us is the UK. Though we do get bit of traffic from other English speaking countries like Canada and Australia.

What role does social media play in promoting the site?

Truth to be told, it does not play that much. We do have a dedicated Facebook page for this. But our main focus on promoting the site is through search engine rankings.

Would you say that no-deposit bonuses are as plentiful as they once were and how does this effect your business?

There are still tonnes of bingo freebies out there. Unlike online casinos where you can argue that the amount of NDBs has decreased, I have not noticed any decline in bingo market.

What trends have begun to circulate in the online bingo industry and how do you foresee NDB making the most of them?

Nothing has changed really for us. As we keep adding the new reviews, we also keep adding new NDBs. Granted most of these freebies are for new players only, but given the sheer volume of bingo rooms, it can certainly keep you entertained for weeks if not months.

What are your thoughts on the acquisitions and mergers sweeping the online gambling industry?

I reckon if you want to grow and expand you need sometimes to do something that no one could dream of, yet alone predict few years ago. If you grow big enough then you can either buy out your competition, or merge with someone of equal size as you.

What does the future hold for NDB?

The importance is placed on reviewing more bingo rooms, bringing even more quality information. We also plan on refreshing the site’s design and making it mobile friendly.

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