Mobile technology set to replace traditional bar tab

Flypay launching pre-approved digital tab to remove the anxiety of customers leaving their card behind the bar on nights out.

Mobile technology developer FlyPay is launching technology that allows users to set up a pre-approved, digital tab on nights out – thus removing the need to leave cards behind the bar.

The solution is designed to remove anxiety for customers who may worry about leaving their card in the bar after one too many drinks. It sets up a digital tab in the same way as a traditional one would be set up. But at the end the money is taken automatically without the customer having to remember to settle up and reclaim their physical card.

It is aimed at bar and restaurant managers who currently face a large number of walkouts from people who leave their card behind without settling the tab – either accidentally or as a deliberately fraudulent act.

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The technology has been developed in conjunction with Visa Europe Collab – the innovation arm of Visa Europe. In the pilot period pub chain Fullers is onboard as a partner.

Flypay Limited was founded in 2013 by Tom Weaver and Chris Evans and is the market leader in innovative, state-of-the art mobile technology for the hospitality industry.

Its technology is currently available in over 100 restaurants and bars across the UK, including Wahaca, Gourmet Burger Kitchen, Jamie’s Italian, Cabana and Drake & Morgan.

Dr Steve Perry, founder of Visa Europe Collab, said he was pleased to have played a part in developing a “groundbreaking initiative” for the hospitality industry.

“Our goal is to transform future interactions for consumers with payments, which represents an important first step in this transformation,” he continued.

Fuller’s IT operations manager Oliver Boardman added that he believed the product will help to improve both the customer experience and the safeguards to prevent anything going wrong when setting up and settling tabs.

“Paying at the bar, particularly when paying for a group, is an area the whole industry could improve upon,” he said. “We’ve really enjoyed working with Flypay on shaping this solution.”

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