Inspiring professional women in male dominated industries

From poker champions to race-car drivers, these three professional women serve as inspiration for women to break through the glass ceiling in male dominated fields.

Gender equality has long been an important social issue especially in the workplace. While total equality hasn’t been yet achieved, there have been some significant changes in recent years. In fact, more and more women are seeking careers in industries that have long been dominated by men. Many of these three individuals serve as inspiration to women around the world.

Irina Krush, chess master

In the world of chess, women are permitted to compete against men. However, a woman has yet to be crowned as world chess champion. Irina Krush could potentially compete for this title. She has been a chess champion since the young age of 14 when she became the U.S. Women’s Champion. Krush attributes her success to certain characteristics males typically possess. She feels like her development of these has helped her to be successful in this male dominated industry.

Annie Duke, poker champion

With the introduction of online casinos, games like poker are more widely played by both men and women. People can gain experience from these online games and may try out their skills at a poker tournaments. To date, there have been a total of 38 poker players inducted to the World Series of Poker Hall of Fame. Of these, only one woman holds the title and that is Annie Duke. In 2004, she became the World Series of Poker Champion. Despite her skills and success, Duke still faces chiding and disrespect from some of her male counterparts. Duke takes it all in stride and uses it to fool her opponents.

Danica Patrick, race-car driver

Motorsports has been a male dominated sport since its original inception. However, a spitfire from Wisconsin has broken into the sport, providing inspiration for women everywhere. About a decade ago, Patrick became the first women to ever win an Indy Race. She even placed third in the prestigious Indy 500, which is the best record by a woman to date.

As women around the world continue to rally for equality, more and more inspirational individuals will continue to break through the glass ceiling in male dominated fields.

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