Five steps to better sales conversions

Convert your website visitors and window shoppers into sales

Convert your website visitors and window shoppers into sales

It is astonishing to think that some business-owners, despite their experience, continue to overlook or misunderstand the importance of driving sales conversions.

This is the lifeblood of commercial success, as it translates directly to how many website visitors and window shoppers you are able to convert into sales.

Create a compelling value proposition

Before you begin to manipulate layout and colours, you must consider the value proposition that underpins your brand and its products. This remains the single most important conversion factor, as it promotes the primary reason why customers should buy from you. By creating a strong and compelling proposition that is easy to understand, customer are more likely to prioritising what your brand has to offer.

If you need an example of this, look no further than the current range of virtual casino and online casino sites which instantly identify their unique promotional offers and incentivise customers to partner with them.

Create a strong CTA

Historically, CTA (Calls-to-action) were overt and clumsy examples of self-promotion, distinguished by aggressive terminology and text that offered little informative value. This has caused some to consider CTAs as increasingly outdated in the modern age, but the fact remains that they can be persuasive marketing tools when used correctly. The key is to focus on the use of organic text and graphical elements, which make a compelling argument and incentivise customers.

Embrace colour psychology

Colour psychology is now a huge component of website design, as it has been determined that different shades and tones can be used to solicit moods among consumers. The use of warm and bold colours can trigger feelings of positivity and excitement among customers, for example, influencing their behaviour and optimising conversions.

Cut out the jargon

This is another key consideration, as business jargon can have a highly detrimental impact on your rate of sales conversions. This is because customers have become increasingly aware in recent years and can easily identify promotional jargon when they read it, meaning that transparent and concise messaging will always win out.

Create a sales funnel

This is particularly important for brands selling high value items, as customers do not appreciate being hurried into making a purchasing decision. Instead, they prefer to rely on honest insight and expert guidance when considering their options, and you can capitalise on this by offering demo experiences and trials that offer further value to your customers.

Praseeda Nair

Kellen Rempel

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