Driving into danger

Business owners are putting themselves and their companies in danger through bad driving habits like chatting on mobile phones, eating, drinking, getting lost and incurring parking fines. These are the findings of a survey from Bibby Financial Services.

These are the findings of a survey from Bibby Financial Services that reveals 42 per cent of entrepreneurs confess to eating and drinking behind the wheel and almost a quarter own up to using their mobile phone without a hands-free kit, which has been illegal since 2003.

Rule 126 of the Highway Code states that ‘Safe driving needs concentration. Avoid distractions when driving such as:

  • Loud music (this may mask other sounds)
  • Trying to read maps
  • Inserting a cassette or CD or tuning a radio
  • Arguing with your passengers or other road users
  • Eating and drinking.’

They clearly are distractions as more than a quarter of business drivers have experienced a ‘near miss’ due to these sort of irresponsible actions.

Despite supposedly saving time by eating and phoning on the move, a quarter of entrepreneurs are still managing to arrive over an hour late to important meetings, often due to poor planning that leads to wasted time driving around lost. A further third have suffered at the hands of traffic wardens after parking illegally.

‘A good, reliable source of transport is crucial, particularly for those with a business to run, but I urge owners and managers to look at their driving habits and those of their team to ensure it is as safe as possible for themselves and other road users,’ advises David Robertson, chief executive of Bibby Financial Services.

’Ensure everyone is aware of the legal implications of their driving habits and also best practice advice and guidance. Encourage people to leave plenty of time for their journey, and take the opportunity for a break and to make any necessary calls at a café or service station near to your destination. With summertime looming, and more people on the roads than at any other time of the year, safe driving is crucial.’


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